Written by BlackYanda

23 Nov 2016

Its ladies night tonight, I'm kicking it with my girls! We head uptown to a major club scene - heading inside...it's a strip club!

Sitting at the bar I see women start to take the stage...thinking to myself "What the fuck!" I turn to my girls and mumble "shit!"

Diamond is the first act of the night, then Ms. Nasty, and last but not least was Juicy, making her entrance to "Bandz Make Her Dance"

Juicy is beautiful, thick, and very cuvatious with a shapely body! This is a new and unexpected attraction I'm feeling! Watching her sexy and seductive strut puts me in a daze...my panties are suddenly moist I can't stop watching her! Passing men at the bar each offering money for a dance, she winks at me and seductively blows me a kiss - standing close enough to kiss her lips, I just stare...from her eyes to her breast. Once she takes her place back on stage money instantly hit the stage. Juicy hugs the pole in the middle of the floor grinding and slow fucking it as she sucks on a licorice... I can't stop watching her cuvatious ass move & glide across the stage. Her firm 33C's jiggles and bounce with every dance move with an ass built for riding!! My nipples hard panties wet! I'm between shy and embarrassed knowing I can't hide this attraction!

After her routine, she works the floor greeting and giving private dances...noticing my constant stares she approaches me and hand me a card... "Room 214 come see me when you leave."

I nod "sure, why not."

Reaching room 214 of the Summit Club the door opens and Juicy invite me inside. The smell of essence sticks flicker off the walls...she's wearing an all white baby doll teddy!

Biting my lip I think to myself "Damn! She's more beautiful than before!"

She kisses my lips dragging her tongue across my mouth I inhale...excited...confused! I kiss her back... touching her breast kissing her shoulder and neck... I feel tingly making my gushy nice and slippery!

Raking her nail gently across my nipple taking it in her mouth I moan with pleasure...squeezing my other breast and loving how it feels. Placing two fingers in my mouth sucking my fingers, I use my other hand to cup her mound inserting my fingers into her soft wet gushy!

Guiding me to a strap swing that hung over the bed, she leans back straddling her legs eagle on the straps. Closing her eyes circling her clit with her fingers darting fingers in and out of her pussy makes my pussy quiver. I lean in to kiss her lips, massaging her pussy, and kissing down her neck to her swollen puffy nipples.

For the first time I anticipate tasting a woman. Holding her legs behind her knees I dive face first licking and sucking her pre-ejaculated cum. With her eyes closed head fallen back loving the pleasure of my tongue. I grip and rotate her ass to grind my tongue... only able to hear muffled sounds of moans, licking, and slurping of her nectar!

"Fuck me" she whines... "fuck me" I face her sitting scissor between her legs, gripping my hips and thrusting her pelvis forward giving me the climax of my life! Heavy breathing, tongue swapping kisses, and squeezing asses until we both climaxed with loud screams as shuddering orgasms tear through our bodies!

Spooning me she whispers "stay with me tonight" I think to myself "am I lost and turned out" And so I was.