30 Mar 2016

Hello all, this is a little something from me. It's my second story in here and I hope by the time goes on I will be better in Writing and putting it all together in a proper way or form and grammar.

Thank you


There was this beautiful woman, with lovely eyes, lips and thick long dreadlocks. This woman was going be my supervisor. I have to say, that was my first day at work and yet I was thinking the unthinkable…. Wanting her to fuck me.

Days passed without words between; I thought I was respecting her as my boss till one day I had to go to her flat to drop her office keys. I knocked on her door, she came to open wearing only her towel. I couldn’t say anything my tongue was tired up by her beauty, her lips were inviting me. Part of her body wet from the shower, Gosh I was just taken by this woman and I knew I wanted her. I wanted her all over me, my fingers inside her, her lips on my lips and her cunt all over my face.

I went straight to her without talking or asking questions, I kissed her after a good 2 minutes I stopped and froze and waited for a good slap but all she did was smile at me and ask me if I was sure of what I was doing. My answer was a kiss on her lips. She welcomed my lips, sucked my lower lip. I kissed her juicy beautiful lips and slowly teasing it with me tongue. My hands unwrapping her towel and exposing her beautiful size 38DD breasts. I knew I wanted her to fuck me there on that kitchen floor.

She stopped me and my mind was racing 100xxxx times from its normal speed, thinking she could not do that to me as I wanted her in every way and anyhow I can have her. She walked me towards her bedroom that all it took for me to strip to my undies. I rubbed my body all over her naked soft velvet body, my hands teasing her big tits and nipples. I pinched her nipples a bit and she screamed and I immediately put it into my mount and sucked her. Gosh she was amazing. I sucked both nipples and teasing them and she was moaning.

We lay onto her bed and I kissed her body down to her pussy. I ignored her beautiful cunt just slight brushed my nose around her pussy lips and went on to sucking her inner thighs. I kissed her thighs slowly with my hands working on her clit, rubbing and teasing. Moving my other hand around her ass and parting those ass cheek. Just to see her reaction. She was high on lust begging me to suck her wet cunt, begging me to push my fingers inside of her wet glistering cunt. I moved up and started licking her asshole, I sucked her hole while she was screaming like a whore who has 3 cocks up her holes.

I licked, sucked and fingered her hole and yes still neglecting her lusting, wet, inviting pussy. As she was screaming ‘ I am fucking coming” I moved up and muff her cunt , biting her clit, lips and driving my tongue deep in her wet hole while my fingers work her asshole. My own cunt was dripping like a leaking tap but I couldn’t let her touch me because that day she was all mine and nothing could have stopped me. I worked her holes and I felt her clenching around my finger and inner cunt lightning up around me. She locked me inside her holes all I had to do was keep on ramming my fingers inside my lovely woman. And the final moments came as she was fucking herself onto my fingers. She shouted that she was coming and God as she does that I was squirting on her leg her juices on my fingers and my juices all over her leg.

We finished up, my lips we swollen, my pussy aching for more and we had no time. We had to part at the end. We showered together, exchanged kisses and I left her place after that and left her all used up.