27 Nov 2015

I had just gotten home when the bell rang. To be quite honest I was on my way to get a glass of wine when she arrived. Apparently waiting for my bf to come home. Some business appointment or insurance or something...

I invited her in thinking that she might like to get out of the hot sun and offered her a glass of wine as we sat down.

Her eyes lit up emerald green when I returned and loosened one of the top buttons of my blouse and sat down across the room from her. I felt like I was drowning in my clothes. "If only it would rain and cool down a bit" I said. She looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about.

"Excuse me for a second. John should be here any moment now" I said and walked down the passage to have a quick cold shower and get rid of my work clothes. I felt strange around her, like she was watching me. For a moment, I was angry at John for not telling me about her. "Her long silky black hair and glowing green eyes, Her slim flawless body and Tight Apple butt... WTF was she coming to see John for?!!!”

Now showered and dressed comfortably I made my way back to the living room only to find her exactly where I had left her, rummaging through papers. Cool droplets hanging from my now cold glass of wine. We started talking... She eventually told me that she had come to discuss some insurance policy with John. She sat down next to me and explained part of it to me before I told her “I don’t understand half of what you are saying”. We suddenly clicked and spoke like we had known each other forever. She kept putting her hand on my leg every time she started a new story.

Out of the blue she looks at me and tells me “I find you extremely attractive.”

Dumb struck I looked at her, Staring down at her hand as she gently rubs it up and down my leg. A strange feeling came over me, I liked it... The way she stared at me and smiled her gentle touch. I was Uncomfortable and Curious at the same time. She asked me a few random questions but I could tell that she had something else on her mind. “Penny for your thoughts?” I asked her. Her reply “ Are you sure you want to know?”

I nod silently. She grinned at me and gently ran her hand down my leg under my skirt where she lightly stroked over my pussy. Her thumb rubbing up and down over the black lace covering me as she leans in and kisses me. I’m frozen, not able to move or speak. Only sit there and try to fathom the overwhelming sensations. I close my eyes and immediately feel completely relaxed, her tongue in my mouth unable to push or pull away.

She gets up and asks me if I am okay. I nod quietly, confused and shivering as she bends forward and starts to remove the fresh pair of now sopping wet lace panties and puts them on the coffee table.

She looks back at me and smiles bending in slowly... “Oh Fuck! No no no no no no n......” I think to myself as chills run down my spine. She reaches under my legs and puts both her hands on my lower back, just above my ass... Slowly gently licking at my Clit, I’ve never been this wet before. Breaths get faster, shorter moans become more intense as I lay my head on the pillow behind me.

She reaches up and puts her hands under my top. Firmly grasping my breasts as she buries her tongue deeply into my pussy, toying with my Clitoris. She squeezes my breasts firmly and I cum almost instantly. She starts to giggle and rises up from my sopping wet skirt. Swaying her hips from left to right she starts to unbutton her blouse exposing a pair of perfectly perky C’s. She gestures for me to come closer,

I impulsively start sucking at her nipples, Nipples no bigger than a 10c piece. I start to unbutton her tight black pants and immediately recognize the warmth of her pussy on my hand as the other hand cups her firm breast. With no clue of what I am doing I put my hand down her pants, it's warm and wet as I start kissing her. Taking charge and being the aggressor felt liberating. I slip my finger inside her and her moans excite me to a point where I am gushing and the wetness is all over her hand as she touches me....

Suddenly I hear the gate open and Exclaim “ John is here!!” to which she replies “ So... This could get interesting”. I rush to grab my things and run to the bedroom. When I got back to the living room John had already come inside. The guest bathroom door opens and she pops out like nothing happened, greeting John and saying “ I’m so sorry but I will have to reschedule... Maybe next week at 3?” Grabbing her things she turns around and smiles saying “It was nice meeting you ma’am. See you next week...”

There are two more days to go, and I cannot wait!