06 May 2016

I just love to make him cum, Claire said, licking her lips. I really don't care how or where, just so he cums. I'm just addicted to the stuff.

Mmmmm, me, too, agreed Anne, resting back on her elbows. "My favourite is when he cums in my mouth. I'll swallow every drop. It's a shame he can't do it again right away, I just love it. I could drink cum for hours."

"It's so very sexy when a man cums all over my tits," was my reply. "To see it spurting out all over..."

"Ooh, yes..." they added, almost in unison. "But wait, you don't do it with men, Tammy," chimed Claire.

"No, Love, I don't do it with just men. After he spurts his load all over my tits, I want a pretty tongue like yours licking and sucking it up and then kissing me and sharing it. Oh, girls, it makes me wet just thinking about it."

Anne and Claire are friends from women's only spa we belong to. We were sharing this conversation with all three of us completely nude in the sauna. Actually, whenever the three of us are together, we are always nude, and the topic of conversation always ends up being sexual. From the very first time we met, nude, in the sauna, it's been this way. They both know of my being bisexual and don't seem to mind at all. There have been several times through our friendship that I've caught both of them giving me a look like they would like to experiment. There have been many a time that I've gone home after spending many a naked hour with these two that I'd just strip off and masturbate for countless hours. All either one, or both, of these beautiful women would have to do is say so, and I'd lick, suck and fuck them in a heartbeat. A friend of mine once said that I was almost as horny as a man, as much as I think about sex.

Anne is about 1.60m, with stunning azure eyes and exquisitely long black hair. Her breasts are bounteous, about 36C, with the kind of nipples that you just want to suck for days. Her trim waist and belly lead down to her neat dark triangle of soft pubic hair that is kept well trimmed for under the skimpiest of bikini bottoms, with just enough to tickle your nose as you kiss her clit. Anne's soft toned olive skin makes her look as though she has a year 'round suntan without tan lines. And her shapely legs lead up to her lovely, firm arse.

Claire is a head shorter, a bottle blonde, cut in a bob, with deep, ocean blue eyes. Her breasts are 34 B, but look larger because of her thin frame. Her pink nipples constantly stick out as if she were always excited and her neatly trimmed bush surrounds a set of lips that one could get very addicted to kissing. She likes to sit on the bench in the sauna with her back to the wall and her feet up on the bench, spreading those beautiful pussy lips for all to see. More than once I've wanted to stick my tongue in there and lick her senseless.

"Guys...um...this conversation...it's, well...I don't think I can hold out much longer..." Anne's pert nipples were pointing out from her breasts like she'd been suckled for an hour. "I've got to...you know...um...I'm so turned on right now...we're all friends here, right?"

"If you got to, you got to," giggled Claire, pouring more water on the stones to add to the humidity. Poor Anne actually looked as if she were about to cry. She really needed to masturbate. I know the feeling. But she just couldn't bring herself to just do it.

"Don't be embarrassed, Anne. You're beautiful and masturbation is a beautiful thing." I looked into her eyes. "I don't blame you for needing to get off. We always talk about sex and what with the extraordinary view of you two nude? Every time we're together like this, I feel like I'm going to explode! Do you want us to leave you alone?"

"Yeah...um...no...I don't think so...not really." She nervously giggled. "I don't know..."

"I love to be watched while I masturbate," announced Claire. "My boyfriend loves to watch me when I do it, so I let him. It really gets him so very hard. I was a little shy the first few times, but now I really like it! To the point where, sometimes, I'd rather have him watch me play with myself than have us fuck. Before I'm done, he's usually stroking his cock and ready to cum. It's great. Sometimes, he'll eat me or fuck me before I get myself off. Then, sometimes he'll just let me finish myself while he cums all over the both of us. Sometimes I cum so much better when he's just watching me." Claire closed her eyes and rolled her head back. "Annie...Baby, watch me..." With that, Claire's hand plunged to her rose coloured pussy and she just started rubbing herself, a moan escaping from her throat.

Before I knew it, a single "yes" had escaped my lips as I watched Claire masturbate right across from me. So beautiful. So sexy.

"See," smiled Claire. "If you got to, you got to..." Her voice trailed off as she lost herself in her masturbation.

Anne's hand slowly found its way to her mound. She looked at Claire, then at me, at Claire again, and, again at me. Her second look at me caught me lifting my left breast to my mouth to lick my own very hard pink nipple. I just love doing that.

Claire's eyes opened enough to see my breast to my mouth. "Oh, yeah, I wish I could do that!" she said, pulling at her very hard, very extended left nipple.

I didn't need any more of an invitation. I dropped my own tit and crawled over to where Claire was pounding away at her pussy. With one motion I grabbed her left tit and tried to swallow her right nipple. She reached around the back of my head and pulled me to her as she started to moan louder and louder. As I licked and sucked Claire's nipple, I felt her right wrist rubbing against my belly as she quickly rubbed her clit.

Claire let go of my head and opened her arm to Anne. "Annie...oh, I'm going to...please...come here...oh, please..." I felt Anne join me at Claire's chest, her tongue tentatively licking at Claire's left nipple. "Oh, suck it, baby! Please! Suck it!" I released my grasp of Claire's left breast just as Anne started to suck it and I could feel Anne caressing my hip. My right hand that had just abandoned Claire's left breast was now caressing my own succulent womanhood.

Claire's orgasm was a big one. She shook and trembled and bucked as she screamed out our names. I couldn't help myself. I dropped down and started licking and sucking her pussy. I could feel her muscles tightening as I licked her opening, sticking my tongue in as far as I could. Her hand followed me down, pulling me even more into her sweet wetness as she came again. She damn near drowned me! But it was most definitely worth it.

I pulled back from Claire as her orgasm subsided. Anne was now on her back on the next bench over, fingering away with total abandon. "See what you started?" I smiled at Claire.

Claire kissed me, tasting herself on my mouth. She licked her wetness from my lips and face. "I can see why you like it with women..." her sentence trailed off as Anne's moans took over the room.

Claire crawled over to Anne. "Can I...?"

"Yes! Please...yes...anything..."

"Don't stop."

With that, Claire crawled over Anne. She stopped long enough to put them in a titty 69. Claire's small but lovely breasts hung over Anne's face while Claire suckled Anne's right breast. As I sat watching and masturbating, Claire slowly licked her way down to Anne's treasure, ending up in a full 69. Anne's arms went around Claire's waist as her legs flung open to accept Claire's waiting, hungry mouth.

Watching another couple during sex - whether it be woman man, woman woman - is one of the sexiest things ever. There truly isn't anything like being the witness of such sexual pleasure.

I could see them both trembling as their moans grew louder. I may not have been physically with them, but I most certainly was with them orgasmically. The fingers of both of my hands were flailing away at my soaked pussy as they rocked and sucked each other into heaven. We all three came within moments of each other.

Claire rolled off of Anne, panting. The air in the sauna was getting a little more than stifling. "We need to get into a cooler spot," I said, opening the sauna door.

"Whew, I think you're right. A nice cold shower should help," smiled Anne, still panting.

"Yes," giggled Claire. "We don't want to get over heated..."

We all showered and we all masturbated once more, knowing full well that the other two were watching. We all then dressed and said our good-byes for the day. I went home, got naked before the front door was all the way closed and spent the rest of the day masturbating, recovering and masturbating again, all with the day's events in my mind. I'm not quite sure where Anne and Claire went; we're not due to see each other again until next week. I can't wait to find out.