Written by Candyliciousb

25 Mar 2018

That evening at home Eddie tried to put what happened in the elevator car behind him. It crossed his mind to tell his boyfriend Steven what had happened, but he knew Steven would have fretted and probably nagged him about reporting it. Steven thought it would be better to leave it be. He tried to blank it all out, following the normal pattern of his comfortable life. He thought he had succeeded in putting it behind him, but that night his sub-conscience took a different track.

In his sleep Eddie found himself in some ill-defined enclosed space, trapped by a dark and sultry man, pinned to the wall by his bulk. He was attacking him from behind and Eddie was pitifully resisting. Eddie was telling him no, but he wasn’t fighting him off with any real conviction. In this disturbing dream the man tore off Eddie’s clothes. He pawed roughly at his body, pinching his nipples and violating his sex, jerking his cock and squeezing his balls, clawing at his buttocks and obscenely fingering his asshole, violently frigging him. The man prised Eddie’s legs apart –in his sleep Eddie watched it happen –he saw a huge cock slide up and down between his buttocks then he saw and felt it entering his ass. The man fucked him wildly and Eddie screamed like a whore, acting so at odds to normal. As the man pounded into him, he squashed Eddie hard against the wall, pulling his hair back so he could gloat in his face, revelling in his conquest and Eddie’s sluttish behaviour. The man fucked him till he came and squirted out his seed, firing out the mess deep in Eddie’s bowels. Then he roughly pulled out and backed away as Eddie collapsed in a heap on the floor, spunk dribbling out his gaping asshole.

Eddie woke up the following morning to find a wet spot in the bed, but it wasn’t the semen of the man in his dreams –it was his own spunk that was to blame for this particular stain. This was very odd –it had been more than ten years since Eddie had a wet dream. And even rarer was the fact that He was hungry for some sex... and first thing in the morning! How depraved was that! He roused his normally passive boyfriend and demanded that Steven make an effort to fuck him. Steven of course was stunned by the request and the depths of Eddie’s passion: wanting to get fucked was unusual but not unheard of –wanting sex in the morning before a shower and brushing his teeth –that was something He had never allowed. Their sex had always been clean and sanitised, not raw and dirty like this. But His boyfriend wasn’t complaining. He enjoyed fucking Eddie–who wouldn’t enjoy fucking an ass like that. His preference was definitely for the other way round, but he was happy for any sort of sex. He reached over to the bedside unit where the lube was stored in the top drawer.

“No! Just use some spit.” Eddie told him.

Now that was almost freakish! Steven didn’t have a very big cock –five inches was all he boasted. But on the few occasions Eddie had allowed it up his butt, he had always insisted on plenty of lube. And another thing struck Steven as odd. Eddie was rolling onto his front where as normally he preferred the good old missionary position. ‘What the heck!’ thought Steven. ‘A ride’s a ride. It’ll probably be months before I get another one, so I might as well climb aboard and make the most of it.’ Steven did his best. He spread Eddie’s cheeks and spat on his asshole –a lovely pink little number that was ever so tight. He frigged for a minute to open Eddie up, but was told to get a move on as Eddie didn’t want to be late for work. So Steven climbed on top and slipped his cock in. It felt so wonderfully tight without any lube –the friction so intense on his underused little dick. He though to spin it out, but Eddie’s reprimand and the bliss round his shaft had him pumping away within seconds and spurting after a couple of minutes. “Oh God! Oh God! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOOOH!!!” Steven screamed as he squirted out his load into Eddie’s bowels.

“Is that it then?” Eddie discourteously asked, knowing well what the answer will be . “Sorry, wasn’t it enough? Steven asked him, I thought you didn’t want to be late.” “It was fine,” replied Eddie sounding far from impressed. Eddie needed to get away from Steven fast so he can take touch himself “Can you get off –I need to shower.” Steven did as he was told. He pulled his dick out and rolled back over to his side of the bed. Eddie got up and headed to the en-suite. Steven watched him retreat and a grin hit his face when he noticed some of his spunk dribbling down the back of Eddie’s thigh. Then as Eddie disappeared, Steven grinned even wider when he noticed some other spunk –a stain where He had lain whilst getting screwed from behind. “You came then!” he shouted after his boyfriend. “Eddie! You came!” Now that was the most unusual thing of all in this far from typical morning. According to Eddie, and Steven had no reason to disbelieve, no one had ever made him come whilst getting fucked. He just wasn’t into the passive role that much. ‘Well he was obviously into it that time! Short, but very sweet then!’ thought Steven as he congratulated himself on being such a stud.

Alone in the shower, Eddiewas thinking no such thing. Of course he hadn’t come –at least not when Steven was fucking him. But he sure as hell was going to come now. In that small confined space Eddie masturbated, jerking on his cock whilst fingering his ass, using Steven’s spunk as a lubricant. With his face to the wall, squashed against the tiles, he felt the water cascade down his back and run down the gulley of his ass crack. It was warm –warm like the piss of the dark sultry man that he imagined was behind him. Eddie had his assailant empty his bladder then empty his balls, shooting his seed deep inside Eddie’s hungry guts. He had his elevator assailant assailant slapping his face and yelling, ‘Cock sucking whore! Upper class cunt! Tight assed bitch!’ as he fucked him again with his potent big dick. In no time at all Eddie violently shuddered, as his ball contracted and squeezed out their load. He gasped and brought his hand to his mouth to stifle the screams of his wonderful climax –shooting out ribbons of creamy jism against the shower wall. His fingers were coated with his boyfriend’s cum. The taste disgusted him yet it drove his climax on. He gathered some more, drawing out spunk from inside his ass and forcing it into his mouth. He thought he might be sick –it tasted so foul, yet he greedily swallowed it down. Then as he squirted out the last of his orgasmic release.

Eddie accompanied his orgasm with a sob. He coughed and spluttered. He banged his fist hard against the wall. He didn’t believed he gave in to the lust of his elevator torturer. The man who had disgusted him and now he was coming shamelessly to the though of him fucking him.