Written by Youngster

18 May 2019

I'm 19 and I often hang out at my friends place, but I do it because his dad is super hot, albeit that he is away from home most of the time on business trips.

His dad is 44, successful and very good looking and gyms often, the man seriously takes care of himself, but then guess if he is a ceo of a company then he must take care of himself.

He arrived home from a New York trip last week and his family had flown to Cape Town for a family function. The mom asked if I minded babysitting the pets and I had nothing to do so I agreed, besides they have all the comforts. I also knew the dad will be home late.

After the family left, I made myself comfortable in the house, also took the opportunity to rummage through the dads wardrobe, smelt his clothes, took the opportunity to go through his underwear and this man wears fancy underwear. I smelt his takkies and workshoes, just enjoying myself. Looked to see if he had toys or a stash of porn and found nothing.

The dad arrived at around 11 and I was watching dstv when he arrived, he looked tired and after some pleasantries he said he was going to shower. He did say I was welcome to leave if I wanted but I told him its ok, I don't mind spending the night, besides I am getting paid for it.

The dad went upstairs and I heard his bedroom door close, after a couple of minutes I heard the shower come on so I sneaked upstairs and peeped through the keyhole. The bathroom door was closed so I opened the door and sneaked in.

His clothes was lying on the floor, so I picked up his jocks and smelt it, gosh I could smell his manly smells mixed with his cologne, saw a strand or two of cock hairs. I smelt the crotch and licked it, just where his cock and balls lie, made me so horny for him. The shower closed and I through his brief back down and went back downstairs. I was hard and wet and so fucking horny.

The dad finish showering and he came downstairs to get a drink, he was wearing a navy blue cotton boxer shorts and a white vest and was barefoot. His legs were so well defined and muscular and hairy, feet so sexy. He definitely was a God.

He poured himself a whisky and offered me one which I declined, he came and sat in the lounge, feet up and we chatted a bit. He didn't seem tired anymore. He had like a few whiskeys and he was getting a bit tipsy and was more talkative. I was also more responsive and warming up to him and he had a wacky sense of humuor for a dad.

As the night wore on he had more drinks and got very drunk, he did not show signs of horniness but he occassionaly spoke about sex. I did ask him if there was anything he fantasised about but he was very mum on the topic. He got up to get to bed and he fell over so I offered to help him to bed. He put his arm around me and I helped him to his bed, this man was drunk and even though he was, he still looked so sexy. We got to his room and I helped him onto his bed and lifted his legs up, stroking his feet. I asked him how he sleeps and laughed and said in the nude, so I asked if I must help him out of his shorts and vest.

He said not to worry but I insisted and I removed his vest, stroking his hairy chest as I did, I then took off his boxer shorts and I was blown away by his hairy cock and balls, it was perfect and it was so soft.

I wanted so much to taste it, his eyes was closed so I smelt it enjoying the smell. I got a bit brave and told him that his house is big and is it ok if I spent the night in his room, his has a massive bed and I am a quite sleeper. He murmurmed ok and I went down put everything off, and ran up to the room. I removed my clothes and climbed into his bed.

I was also naked, and I put my foot on his, rubbing his feet and legs. He murmurmed in his sleep but didn't kick my legs away or wake up.

I got braver and I put my hands on his cock, I started to stroke it and it got hard in my hands. I caressed his balls, he still was asleep, hard cock in my hands, I figured it is time to suck his cock, so I went down under the sheets and took his hard cock in my mouth, sucking the head, licking down to the base, and then up again, I took the cock down my throat and started to deep throat as he moaned. my hands playing with his hairy balls. I was happy he was sleeping as I sucked. I wished though, he was aware of what I was doing. I sucked him deeper and harder, the taste was amazing , I took his balls in my mouth and made wild love to it, tasting each and then both. He then woke up and found me deep throating and he asked me what I was doing, I said sorry I couldn't help it. He then said he is not gay but he is so fucking hard.

He pulled me under him and he put his cock into my mouth , and he started to fuck my mouth, fucking hard , my hands around his sexy ass, squeezing it. I loved this passion. He told me no one must know about this as he fucked my mouth . His cock slipped out and I sucked his balls, he moaned loudly as I sucked.

He put his cock back and started to fuck my mouth harder until his cum shot into my mouth and down my throat. He held his cock there as it emptied out....

AFtre he was done, he got off me, turned around and fell asleep on his side. I wend down again and put my tongue into his ass as I wanked myself...