Written by meeting ends in marriage

02 Dec 2013

I went with ben to the rose gardens for an innocent walk. Ben is a cockelspaniel so draws lots of attention. While walking a man with a dog came closer to us on the walk way . This area is free to walk your pets as its on the otherside of the park . Well well hought ~ we are going to have a fight or perhaps mugged . The man greeted and said “ you have a beautiful cock ” thought fast did he say cock ? Well he bowed down to been as his terrior and ben smelt eachother as dogs normally do . The man patted ben and looked up at me .

As he was doing this ice breaker act my cock moved in my pants . Isure he saw this happing . Our eyes made contact and a nervous me smiles at him . Lust coved me thoughts as thought great me meeting this man who is gay.

We exchanged conversation on our “ partner on 4 leggs . He inviteed me to joinhim on our walk . The dogs got along well. Again my thoughts wondered to, do invite them home with me so that we can get to know each other. Ben would be lighted in having some company in our garden at home while the man now called gary not his real name and talk over a coffee and conittental breakfast . I did not expect this . Well gary accepted my offer and came home with me . I did alert my security to monitor movement at my home . The driver of the patrol car and I have had blow jobs at my home on a few occassions at night .

Gary went to wash his hands as quickly saw to my mess before going to the rose gardewns. I too washed my hands and my lower paeryt of the bofy just incase get wjat I think we will be doing . The rest is history.

I was at the kettle when suddenly gary was behind me, thoughts again flashed pass me ... Now you are dead faggot ” gary saw the look on my face as turned to him . He smiled and next could see nothing as his face was onto mine. I felt is tounge trying to force its way into my mouth , open it as I turned to be facing gary from my difficult position I was inwhen he walked to me.

That quick act seemed for ever as we kissed the french way . The kettled wislted and that indicated time for a hot beverage. While we kissed gary let his pants drop and as we parted so that I couldmake coffee I saw his huge cock. His gyming shortsdropped in a small pile on my tiled floor . Gary made his way rto the guest bathroom to wash his hands again. During his time away I too got ready for a good time with him. I unzipped my fly sothat when he come back we can french kiss and I will losen my top botton of my jeans sothat it can also unite with his shorts

The phone rang and got strattled by this . It was amos {not real name} my securtiy to hear if was safe. Yes said and he said he will cum see me later as he knows gary.

Well gary came back and a union was formed. The dogs in the garden , the door locked the alarm set.

Gary and ui made way to my bedroom. Crisp white linen was put on my bed before the walk . We both had our golf shitts on and he had sock on too. I can't stand sock on anyone who will be fucking me. We no sooner got into the bed room when our shirts were off. Socks on his like ondoms on a penis . They came off past as sucked his hugecock which today will go into me. I messaged his ligs and mov to the socks getting them off as I gag`d often as he pushed the cock into my hungry mouth and throat. Now we were naked. Gary too did not have a six pack but a bit stocky. Hair covered his chest

We made our way onto my king size bed . I left my popperson the table.

Bedsidfe table from my morning wank with a movie. Gary was ontop of me and fely his breast move towards my eye. Whatup was my thought. Was I going to be fuck dead by him. I just relaxed as this happened ay least amos will clear the mistrory of my death .

I was reachging for the poppers. We both took an over dose . Gary sucked me and nbext was pished up with my lehgs up right and my night cream against wrinkrls was opened and used as lube . Gary lknew this act well . No sooner felt an batton against my arse. Pain filled my waiting arse and just laid there gripping my duvet cover as this man was getting ready to fuck me .felt his cock almost in my rtummy.

Gary was gentle as he pennetrated me with his 20cm thick cock. I just saw how my expensive night cream was being used by this unknow man. Excitement was all over my body and mind.

Gary still in me took poppers again as did . He was able to french me and slowly started going into me with movemnt and deeper penetration.

He nowwas released from my arms and went onto his knees and a pillow was now under me to aid this act . Poppers again , he started to fuck me my legs around him. Tjoughjts of bloodon my pillow passed my mind. I was now enjoying the fuck . Gfary was my best fuck todate. He was able to keep my gouing for a long time. We withdrew and pulled off the condom no blood to be seen and wanked himself shooting his load onto my tummy and nezk. Warm tick sterm covered me . I toostarted rto wank and as looked at gary he was also wanking with morre poppers . We both came almost at the same time.

We kissed as our bodies exchange sprerm . Well we enjoyed an outside shower and made out rthere too.

Amos has been very good and we both had encounters with him. Amos is now our swinning partner and we will have an open relation .

Well. Gary exchanged numbers and we saw a lot of eachother and spent nights at eachothers homes. Gary stays two neighboors from and its about a ten minute walk . We have bonded well in the 4 months with goos sex and we are now engagedand building our dream house close to the rose gardens in greenside joburg .

Thank you gods for that meeting . Gary has beenwonderful towards me . Our wedding will be at the game lodge which he owns in the kruger park. This is all a fact