17 Apr 2017

Part 2

Donal’s hands were soon pawing my chest…his hard body was now pressed completely up against me. His crotch was pressed hard into mine. I could feel his hard cock pressing against his pants.

“Just one other thing….” He whispered in my ear “my wife doesn’t want kids and refuses to go on birth control so she always makes me wear 2 rubbers when I fuck her. I want to fuck you with no condom. I want to cum inside you……….”

I didn’t get a chance to answer as his tongue was once again down my throat. His hands started to head for my pants – roughly grabbing at my now erect cock…pawing at my butt cheeks.

He quickly spun me around and with one motion pulled down my pants and pushed me back up against the wall. The hard bulge in his jeans now pressed firmly up against my butt crack. His hot breath was now panting against my neck. I could feel him slowly shuck off his pants and then feel the head of his cock now pressed firmly against my hole


“You are going to need lube!” I protested

“Fuck lube! I’m just going to use spit” and with that I felt a glob or warm liquid running down my butt crack and into my hole. I could feel him work the spit with cock head, slowy working his way into my ass, the sound of him releasing more spit, I assume onto his shaft. He grabbed my hips and then quickly thrust his rock hard cock into me.

“Fuck man!” I yelped! “Take it slow!”

“Sorry – but Im so fucking horny!”

He immediately started pounding my hole – his cock was rock hard and very thick – stretching my hole wide. He panted and thrusted hard – deep and hard – my ass was in shock!

After a minute or so he found his rhythm and pounded me relentelessly. “Damn, dude, your ass feels so fucking good!! So hot around my cock – damn!”

His pounding was now merciless – I just bent over and took it. This hot cock deep in my ass. Hot raw sensations between the 2 of us.

“Fuck – I’m gonna cum!!!”

I could hear his breathing quicken as his cock hardened and then with a loud grunt and a hard deep thrust he shot his hot load into my guts. I could feel his cum spurting into me – filling me.

A few more thrusts and he slumped over my shoulder “Fuck that was hot – so fucking hot!”

“Yeah” I panted.

I could feel his cock slowly softening onside me and he started to withdraw. Once he was out I quickly turned around and cleaned off his cock. “Whoa, man – I’ve never has someone do that before “ he said.

I looked up at him – his now soft cock in my mouth, and smiled.

Once his cock was clean, I stood up and looked into his eyes “Donal, you have fucked a man before haven’t you?”

His sheepish grin gave him away “ Only 2 others – a long time ago”

I pulled up my pants and he did the same. We went to the lounge and sat on the couch. Both totally exhausted. To my surprise, he put his arm around me and pulled me in closer – my head now resting on his hard chest. “I haven’t felt this good or this relaxed in ages” he said.

“And I haven’t been fucked like THAT in ages, either!” I laughed