17 Apr 2017

Part 1.

The house next door had finally been sold and the new neighbours were moving in today. Being the curious neighbour that I am I made sure that I was outside in the garden when they arrived with the moving van to start moving in.

They arrived around 10am. The new neighbours were youngish – in their early thirties I would have to guess – just a couple. No kids. No pets.

As they were walking up to their front door, I gave a quick wave and smile which the woman acknowledged in a similar way. They were obviously distracted with the business of moving house and I let them get to it. I had seen what I had wanted to see – after years of elderly retired neighbours, I was finally getting some younger people next door.

The following weekend I was watering the garden, I heard a woman’s voice over the fence

“Hi there! How are you?”

It was the new neighbour.

“I’m fine, how are you settling in?” I replied

She was not an unattractive woman, seemingly of greek heritage. Her voice however was shrlll and nasal.

“Oh you know, still unpacking boxes and packing things away – but we are almost done. How is the neighbourhood here? Is it peaceful – any problems?”

“It’s pretty quiet - no issues”

As we were talking a pick up van pulled up into the drive way – emblazoned on the side was the words “The Scottish Handyman”. I assumed this was some contrsactor coming to do work on the house. I montioned to the van “Looks like you have a visitor” I said.

“Oh no – that’s my husband” she smiled

The door of the van opened and a tall well-built man with short, cropped, blond hair stepped out.

“Donal!” the woman yelled “Come meet our new neighbour!”

The man walked over – his gait was strong and confident – his face warm and yet slight worn – ruggedly handsome was a phrase that seemed to created just for him.

“Pleased to meet you” he said. His voice masked by a thick Scottish accent

“Likewise” I said – after doing usual cursory inspection – checking out his crotch for any signs of bulge, moving up to the chest and arms and then up to the face. He was overall an impressive specimen of manhood – Rugged – muscular and tall – all tied together with that accent.

“I leave you guys to finish off unpacking – but if you need anything, I’m right next door”

“Thanks” said Donal as his wife smiled at me

I let my eyes linger on him a bit longer than I should have before I became self-conscious of my own stare. His wife was already on her way back inside and just as I was about to turn, he gave me a quick smile and a wink.

I quickly turned and went back inside before my red face gave me away completely!

Over the next couple of weeks it became clear that all was not well next door. There were often arguments which mainly consisted of the wife’s shrill, nasal voice reprimanding Donal for something menial that he done wrong. Doors would slam. Car engines would rev and then fade away. I felt sorry for Donal. His wife’s voice was enough to break glass! She was over poweringly loud and nasal.

One Saturday afternoon, there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, Donal was standing there.

“Hi neighbour” he said with his thick brougue


“Hello to you too” I answered.

“Sorry to bother you, but do you mind if I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead”

“You are gay, right?”

I was a little shocked at the question but answered “yeah, I am” somewhat hesitantly.

No sooner had the words left my mouth then he grabbed my shirt, pulled my face up to his and proceeded to kiss me, forcefully!

I took a step back and somewhat unwilling removed his lips from mine “What the fuck! Donal! What are you doing??”

“Sorry – it’s just that my wife hasn’t let me fuck her for weeks and I am so fucking horny …and I saw how you looked at me when we met…..”


“I want to fuck you!”


Donal stepped inside the door and closed it behind him. “I want to fuck you” he repeated – slowing walking towards me – as I moved slowly backwards until I met the wall and could retreat no further. He placed his hands on either side of my head, his hard body now pressing up against me and once again put his lips to mine. My resistance quickly fell away.