Written by Deviant89

31 Oct 2016

I've been house sitting this week. This couple that I met a few months ago asked me to look after their house up on the mountain side in Fresnaye while they were back home in Europe for three months.

I just had to make sure the house was going through its regular maintance.

Overseeing the cleaner that comed in twice a week and the Gardner that comes in 3 timed a week. Its one of those houses from the magazines .Filled with expensive modern shit a big ass pool , a massive garden ,a jacuzzi 5 on suite bedrooms etc etc ....

The past week in Cape town has been pretty hot ... So I didn't bother to much with clothes. I have a pair of sexy undies that I wore around the house. I had a couple of average grindr hookups , so when I invited them over I would usually greet them wearing these little tight outfits.

I was in the bed one morning penetrating myself with my trusty dildo getting myself so excited, when the loud echo of the door bell abruptly interrupted my moment of self pleasure . I'm pretty comfortable with my body , so I put on my undies and go to check who this might be at 8 am ... I open the door to be greeted by a handsome middle aged black man. He pretty surprised and caught completely off gaurd when he sees me standing in the door way . He introduces himself and explains that he is Jeremiah and he does the gardening . I let him in and notice how his eyes are darting all over my body ... There is a huge mirror in the entrance and as I turn around I catch him staring at my ass which is barely hidden under my tight undies ...

He seems to know his way around the house and I let him go ahead and do his thing .... I go and take a shower and decide I'm going to laze at the pool for the day and try seduce this man into fucking my thirsty hole.

My room looks directly over the garden , where Jeremiah is working and I decide to start my little game of "tease the gardener" . I draw the curtains and start drying myself in front of the window ... I notice his sneaking a peek ever so now and again. I then start moisturising my body and smear cream all over I especially focus on running my fingers through my fat ass cheeks knowing that his watching my every move. I bend over and give him a full view of my shaven boy pussy and I swear I can hear a gasp from the garden down below.

Now I can go on and on about how I spent most of the day frolicking around in the pool drinking g&t cocktails enticing this man who clearly was interested in fucking me, but the details aren't as exciting.

Lunch time came and I asked him Jeremiah if I can fix him something to eat ... He has worked up a sweat from the heat and working and has a nice musky scent on his body. I fix us some sandwiches and I take it out to him I ask him if he'd like something to drink and offer him a beer which he gladly accepts ... The first beer then turns to a second , third and fourth eventually we chatting away. He starts becoming a little braver and we start delving into conversation about sexuality. He seems very intrigued by gay sex ... I explain to him that I'm bottom and what that entails and how I enjoy getting dicked and sucking dick ... I tell him that ass is much tighter than pussy .... He responds by saying that he must try it some time .... So right there I pull down my undies walk over to him and place his sand covered hands on my ass ....

He starts feeling me up rubbing his hands all over my body . His cock is straining against his work overalls and I decide to release it ... I start unbuckling his belt while he simultaneously takes off his T-shirt , I undo his shoe laces and take off his shoes , his got beautiful size 11 feet which are all moist with sweat and I start licking them immediately showing him just how submissive I can be. He steps out of his pants , exposing his thick long hard black cock bouncing wildly in front of my face .... I wrap my hands around it pulling the skin back to expose a fat bulbous head and slowly start running my tongue over it .... He let's out a moan that makes it clear that he is enjoying this .... I get to work and start giving him some good head he just sits back legs spread and let's me go to work on his black cock .

... I deeptrlhroat , slap his cock in my face , smell it , lick it , suck on his big balls for a good half hour .... Until I have enough and beg him to please fuck me .... I go over to the loungers and sitting on all fores like a bitch exposing my ass to him , he comes over and spits on my whole and on his cock and starts penetrating me ... His head slips in and I moan like a teenage school girl , he obviously enjoys me suffering under the girth of his cock .... Because the more I moan the deeper he pushes into me ... His big hands on both cheeks spreading it open nicely for him to enter deeper and deeper until eventually his in balls deep .... He keeps on saying its so tight over and over again ... Then he starts pumping me hard hitting my pussy spot over and over again I'm dripping precum furiously all this is to much to enjoy quietly the backyard is filled with moans from us both ... Jeremiah flips me around without taking out his cock once and has me on my back legs in the air giving him full access to my hole .... His pounding probably goes on for another 20 minutes until he can't hold back any longer ....I feel his cock swell in me and shivers spike through my body as he unloads stream after stream of his cum into me ...... He continues pumping me though .... I thought he was done when he pulled out but I was wrong , he was still as rock hard .... He pushed back into me and continued his assault on my hole .... I told him we can go to the room the sun and the this fuck session had made my head spin .... So I lead him to the room and we spent the rest of the afternoon there ... I must say when he left I felt pretty worn out ... He thoroughly enjoyed my hole just as I enjoyed that dick. L