Written by Candyliciousb

22 Mar 2018

There he was, waiting for the elevator car as it was the time to head home, little did he know that his ride will be a nightmare. Eddie’s story begins on the elevator.

“Boy, you certainly are a piece of work! A real cockteaser and no mistake! Tell me, Cutie, do you take it up that peachy ass? I hope so, because I’d certainly like to give you a good fucking!” Eddy looked to his right. He was about to turn round and unleash a torrent of indignity, but he froze, quickly thinking better of it. He was shocked at what he had heard, and more than a little afraid. It was a dangerous situation, to be alone in a confined space with an unknown man. Eddy decided to pretend that he hadn’t heard what the man had said, or if he had, then he was ignoring it –not deigning his vulgarity with a reply.

Eddy went back to checking himself in the screen of his phone, or at least that is what he feigned. In actual fact he was trying to see the man’s reflection. He caught it! The man was grinning at him, staring back at Eddy in the reflective screen, fully aware of what Eddy was doing. Eddy’s hands were now trembling. The elevator seemed to be travelling slower than usual. He flicked his gaze to the digital display –they weren’t even half way down. His eyes darted back to the smart phone screen. There he was again, dark and sultry features grinning with evil intent. Eddy could hear his heart pounding in his chest. The situation was way out of Mr. Adams’ comfort zone –adrenalin was not something that usually flooded his system. Yes his heart was pounding –then it almost stopped when the man said some more words. “Yeah, you’ve really got a really nice ass, Blondie. It looks sweet in those tight fitting trousers. How would you like it if I pulled them down and stuffed you full of cock? You could watch me in the screen as I fucked you from behind.” Eddy was stunned, and horrified to be hearing such language. What on earth was going on, such crassness had no place in his world.

This wasn’t some building-site filled with course uncouth men where such harassment might be expected. This was an office block in a upmarket location where high paid professionals worked. How dare he say such things to Eddy Adams? Did the man not realise who he was addressing? Steeling himself, determined not to be intimidated by this vulgar man, Eddy slowly turned round with an expression of disdain, hoping that the look he gave him would discourage the man from saying anything else. It usually worked for him –Eddy had a reputation for being able to silence a room with his glare and a haughty tilt of his strong square chin. But the man wasn’t intimidated. Instead, he had the gall to leer then blow Eddy a kiss! Eddy was now fuming and this gave him the courage to look the man over properly. He was hardly intimidating in a physical sense, although he was certainly bigger and broader than Eddy, who stood at 1.9m and weighed 95kg. He had a solid looking build, hunky some might say, pretty tasty if you liked a lot of beef on a man. His face was more threatening with jet black hair and equally dark eyes, and black designer stubble that added to his roughness. Eddy had to admit that he had a certain appeal, or at least he would appeal to men who like to get fucked by a bit of rough. But Eddy considered himself to be a top and his preference was for more sophisticated sorts, so normally he wouldn’t look at such a man twice. Yet he looked at him now, and he looked at him warily.

There was such arrogance to his countenance and fire in his dark eyes –a self confidence that defied belief. He absorbed Eddy’s glare and smirked at him again then continued with his foul mouthed diatribe as he in return looked Eddy up and down. “Oh yeah... you’ve got a real nice body as well, Blondie –toned but not too muscled! Just the way I like it! Real pretty face as well under that mop of hair. Lovely full lips –a real sexy mouth. I’ll bet you suck a mean cock with it. In fact I’m sure you do. I’ll definitely get you to suck my cock before I stuff it up your ass.” Eddy was mortified. The man didn’t laugh or imply in any way that he was just being crude, or making making a joke. That would have been okay, he could have handled that. He would have slapped him on the face and that would have been that, but this was so much worse. He was actually serious about what he said! Affronted, Eddy turned away and glanced again at the display above the door –they were approaching the 4th floor and almost at the ground floor Eddy sighed with relief. He rested his hand above the collar of his shirt and felt the clamminess of his perspiring skin. A vein in his neck was pulsing, ticking out the beat of his galloping heart. He kept looking at the counter, praying for the numbers to fall to zero.

Poor Eddy really didn’t know what else to do. Then a sudden thought struck him. As four moved to three on the digital display, Eddy wondered if this was some sort of set up –an office prank at his expense. Perhaps that evil queen, James Stanton, was testing Eddy out, trying to get some dirt to use against him. Eddy couldn’t imagine that James would dare. But just to be safe, he turned to the man again and quietly stated that he wasn’t interested in anything he had to offer, and would he please refrain from speaking to him in such a foul and vulgar way. The man laughed in return, but not in jest. It was a laugh that sent a shiver through Eddy’s bones.

. “Oh you’re interested. I know your type, Blondie -a real slut for cock. I bet you service the boss and most of those other assholes up on the top floor. Part of the job description for a personal assistant, isn’t it –giving good head to relieve corporate stress. Good head, and good ass -perhaps both at once. Why else did they hire a number like you? But you should help out the ordinary guys as well. And by God, you’ll help out me! Don’t worry; I’ll have you begging for it in no time. In fact, why don’t we do it now?” With this, the man leaned forwards and punched the ‘STOP’ button on the wall. The elevator came to a halt between the 1st and 2nd floors. Panic set in. Eddy was now terrified. He wondered if the man was actually serious and planned to try and fuck him here in the elevator. Instinctively Eddie turned on him with his phone held out like a knife to fend the man off. “What are you doing?” Eddie asked -his voice kept low as if afraid to yell out and let the world know of his trouble. “I’m not interested in having anything to do with you! I suggest you stop this disgusting talk and start the elevator again. I’ll call Security... I will! They’ll be waiting at the bottom, so don’t try anything.”

The man shook his head and laughed at Eddie’s threats. Then he told Eddie of his plan. “I’m not going to fuck you in here, you stupid little tart. I was only joking about that. I want more from you than a quick knee trembler against the elevator wall. There’s a men’s changing room down in the basement -really basic with just a shower and a toilet. Not many people know that it’s there. Most people use the posh facilities on the 12th floor. A few weirdo joggers use it at lunchtime, but other than that it’s never occupied. Except by me of course... I’ve fucked lots of blokes in there. But I’ve never had anyone as peachy-assed as you –or as tight assed, I bet. So come on, Blondie! Drop all the stuck up, butter wouldn’t melt crap, and take the elevator down to the basement with me. You can suck my cock and then I’ll fuck your lovely ass –take you from behind like a dog, so you’ll know you’re now my bitch. Let’s do it! You know you want to.” The man’s finger hovered over the ‘BASEMENT’ button. He looked at Eddie quizzically. Eddie shook his head and quickly reached out to punch the ‘START’ button, again telling the man that he wasn’t interested. Eddie silently prayed that the man would leave it be –that he would arrive at the parkingbay safe and sound. He did. The man made no further attempt to halt the elevator or cajole Eddie into going to the basement. When the elevator reached the parking Bay only a few seconds later, the man laughed quietly to himself and departed without further incident.