03 Oct 2016

Having sex in public can be pretty exciting ... I've had my fair share of public romps .

One of these experiences that I can fondly recall happened when I decided to take a walk through the Glen , a park/mini forest area located in Camps bay at the foot of lions head. I was walking enjoying taking in the beautiful area and was quite surprised by how isolated it is .... I probably took an unpopular path,but I don't remember seeing much people on the path . . . I got to a nice clearing where big trees had fallen , it looked like a scene from lord of the rings it really is a beautiful escape ..... I sat down on a tree stump and had some water when I saw in the distance an oncomimg hiker on the path he was probably about 20 metered from me but he looked pretty hot. He was shirtless just in running shorts and talkies .... I tried not to stare but he was hot 40 something good body blonde hair and quite attractive face .... He must've noted my staring cause when he passed he tugged hard on his crotch through his shorts .... Signalling his need for action .... At first I thought it was just a tug ... But as he came closer he tugged even more ... He nodded at me as if to ask whether I'm up for fun and I nodded back .... He passed me looked around and then signalled me to follow him ... I looked around checking if there were any other people around and then followed him into forest covered by the trees .... He pulled down his shorts and exposed his already swollen cock it was veiny and thick and i had trouble wrapping my hand around it .... I immediately went to work at pleasing him and started furiously suck away at his cock he basically fucked my mouth .... I had released my now hard cock and was wanking away at it while making this big masculine alpha male moan as my head bobbed up and down on his thick white daddy cock .... I licked his balls and jerked his cock .... Clearly this was not about me being pleased it was about him blowing his load .... I was completely happy with his unspoken arrangement and treated his cock like any good cock sucking slut would ... With respect .... When he got close I was so consumed with by my horny state that let him blow his cum in my mouth ... He thanked me pulled up his shorts and continued on his way as if nothing happened .... Even though I spat out most of his cum I walked around most of the day with the taste of his cum and salty cock on my tongue ....

When I got home I jerked myself off several times replaying the experience in my head .... It was so hot I fuckin love Cape town .... I've had more fun experiences in the Glen forest ... Its quite the hookup spot.