03 May 2016

Got off early this past Friday, and went to a gentlemen only club where clothing is swapped for a towel on entry.

There I am, in the jacuzzi with whiskey in hand, when along comes a distinguished man. He smiles, I smile back; then there were two in the jacuzzi. The fun starts shortly: playing with each others' cock underwater, stroking slowly while watching the porn. Not too long later, he's slipped his nicely girthed cock into my mouth, then returns the favour on me. I'm definitely getting hot under the collar now... He asks to fuck, I'm happy to oblige.

Dried off, condoms and lube in hand, we find a bed and continue from where we left off. He slips first one, then two fingers into me, helping me loosen up. Safely sheathed, he slips inside me. A little twinge of discomfort - he's a little larger than my dildo. Comfortable and relaxed now, we swap positions before settling on missionary. With my legs on his shoulders, he gives my prostate the massage it needs. I'm lifting to meet his downstroke, and talking up a storm - how great his cock felt, filling me up, his balls slapping against my ass.

Definitely will be a next time...