Written by Billie

20 Sep 2018

My first time was with a doctor when I was young years later I had started work and hung out with my biker buddies we used to spend Saturday afternoons in our local pub until early evening then go party where ever there was action this afternoon I was sitting waiting for my friends to show drinking a beer a middle aged man arrived and sat next to me we got chatting he bought me a beer he was slight built very friendly told me he was married but his wife was out of town he said he always admired see us bikers riding and having a good time he was a bit of a nerd eventually he asked if I could give him a ride on my bike I said sure he said he would leave his car and I could bring him back later he told me where he lived and he gave me directions long stories short we arrived at his house he invited me in for a drink while driving he held me very tight around my waist but I noticed he was very nervous he went to the kitchen and returned with two beers then sat next to me on the couch he chatted for awhile he then said his wife was always on business trips and he did not have many friends I openly said maybe she had a lover he said he thinks she has but he was cool with that because he could have one too but he fantasized he was a submissive sex slave and he would like me to be his master with that he put his hand on my leg and asked if he could please me in any way I started to get a hard on I said sure show me what you have in mind he undid my belt opened my jeans and started wanking my cock which by now was raging hard on I stood up he started taking his clothes off he was smooth and had a small cock which was semi hard he went down on me and gave me head I came in his mouth and he kept swallowing until I was finished he asked if I would fuck him later he had a surprise for me he got up and left swinging his ass like a little fem I was enjoying this and was quite turned on to my surprise he came back dressed in a sexy nighty and panties he said he liked to dress up when his wife was away he acted like a naughty school girl I was hard again he sat on my lap and played with my nipples he kept saying I must have my way with him but I must be gentle as he had never been fucked by a man but he had a dildo he fantasized with he had ky gel Ilubed my cock and turned him over pulling his panties to the side I pushed my cock in surprisingly it went in easy he gasped as I fucked him first slowly then quite fast he kept whimpering telling me he fantasized this for a long time I came quite quickly he left the room returning with a face cloth and started cleaning my cock he finished and gave me a hug saying he was my sissy and I could call on him anytime I wanted needless to say I enjoyed many more time with my sissy