Written by Anonymous

29 Mar 2019

A couple of weeks had passed since my night with Jack. I was getting horny for another session.

I had messaged him a few times to see if he wanted meet and he kept responding that his wife was home a lot lately. I backed off and waited for him.

It was a normal Saturday morning, I was laying in bed watching porn on cum. Started to love cum!!

My phone bleeped, it was a sms from Jack saying that he was going to take a drive into the country if I was keen to join him. I replied straight away with a yes. He responded saying he is leaving in an hour and that I should meet him at his place.

I was so excited, I quickly ran and jumped in the shower to get ready.

I walked down the road to his place, even though I had done this before with Jack my heart was still racing.

I got to his gate and it opened straight away, Jack was already sitting in his car. I climbed in he was already to go. Before I could even greet him, I saw his pants were undone and his cock was out and rock hard! He knew what I wanted, and I knew what he wanted. Without any hesitation I closed the door of the car and sunk my mouth over his warm cock.

He started the car and off we drove. My mouth was filled with his cock as we drove to our destination. He seemed to hit the speed bumps a little faster to shove his cock even deeper in my mouth and throat. At this point we had been driving for roughly 15 minutes without one word spoken to each other but who can speak with cock down their throat. I sucked on his meet as furiously as I could, the saliva was building up and I could feel his head swelling in my tight throat.

He released one hand from the steering wheel and placed it firmly on the back of my head pushing hard as if to try bury his cock deep in me. I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot stream after stream of hot cum down my throat. He hadn’t come for a while and it showed. He didn’t lift his hand until he was completely soft and all his cum was drained. As I came up for my first breath of air after a good 20 minutes he said, good boy.

I sat up and saw we were now on dirt road, I had no clue where we were because I clearly wasn’t watching the road.

We drove another 5 minutes until we pulled up next to small country cottage. There was a car parked outside. When I saw the car, my heart started to pound at the thought of a threesome but didn’t want to get my hopes up.

As Jacked parked the car a man came out of the cottage to great us. He was a mountain of man. To paint you picture, I am not considered small, I am 6 foot, little stocky but not small. He was massive, easily 7 feet tall. His arms and legs looked like tree trunks. His fingers were as thick as pork sausages.

He was wearing a button short sleeve shirt and very tight rugby shorts which didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

He came over and shook my hand and introduced himself as Peter. I could barely muster a word as I was speechless by this mountain in front of me. He said he had heard great stories from Jack, I quickly responded saying I hope they weren’t all bad, he then said we will have to find out. He then greeted Jack and thanked him for making it out for the day. We were then invited into the cottage for a drink.

As we entered the cottage, I could see it was small yet cosy inside, it was literally one big open plan room. There was a bed on the one side a wing back chair and small fridge, there was a door off the room that I could only imagine was the bathroom.

Peter gave Jack and I quit a stiff drink, I can handle my booze but wow this was strong!!

Peter sat on the bed, I sat on the chair and Jack was leaning in the door way, there was lots of small talk, Peter was telling me he comes here to fish and get away from the wife and kids. The whole time this was going on both Peter and Jack were rubbing their crotches and I could big wet patches from all the pre cum. Peter was sitting with his legs spread wide apart and from the side of his shorts his massive man meet was making an appearance. This man was hung like a bull it was uncut and massive, I was shocked as it was still growing so I wouldn’t know how big he really was until he took it out.

Peter broke the chit chat and said so Jack tells me you like cock and your quite good at pleasing it? At this point I was in a trance with what was sticking out his shorts and could only nod.

Peter then got up and asked me to stand, like a zombie I glided off the chair. Jack and Peter then proceeded to undress me. I was completely naked in front of these two hot daddies that wanted to fuck my brains out. I was rock hard at this point and Peter gripped my cock with his monster hands and smiled.

He moved me over to the bed and made me lay down on my back with my head hanging over the side. Easiest way to take cock, he then stood over my head and took off his shirt, from my upside-down position I could see his belly showing now. He must have been really built when he was younger but still you could see the strength in this man. He then pulled down his shorts to expose the largest cock I have ever seen, it hit me in the face nearly knocking me out. He was now fully erect and hard; his head had come out and was ready to be played with.

I wasn’t paying much attention to Jack at this point and he had joined us on the bed with my cock deep in his mouth, wow this man could suck cock. He wanted me to cum and cum fast. Peter then put both his hands on either side of my head and brought his cock to my lips. They opened with ease as he slowly slid his cock into my mouth. He looked at Jack and said he is so going to enjoy this.

Just the head of his cock was as big as my mouth, I had my mouth open as wide as possible, I really wasn’t sure how he though it was going in more but he kept pushing, I felt his head hit the back of my mouth and push on my throat, I was struggling to breath at this point which seemed to stir him on. My arms were pushed on his stomach to slow him but with such a large man he just pushed harder. He pushed on and slowly glided it back and forth deeper in my throat.

Jack was going to town on me he was swapping between my cock and my ass, he had me so wet all over at this point. His tongue was buried deep into my ass with my legs in the air. He was licking like a manic.

Peter had stretched my mouth and throat enough for him to be almost balls deep in my throat. He was 1 inch away from being balls deep now. I felt like someone had forced a giant cucumber down my throat. He gave a final thrust and his balls slapped me on my forehead, I was seeing stars and couldn’t stop gaging at this point. To stop gagging I stuck out my tongue and licked his sweaty balls.

He held it there for a while and then slowly pulled it out, it had taken a good 20 minutes to stretch my throat to be able to take his meet. His hands were still firmly on my head so I couldn’t hear much. As he pulled out, he moved his hands and I heard him say to Jack how glad he was that Jack finally seduced such a good cum slut. Jack then replied that it had taken years to catch me in the act at the adult book store but eventually paid off.

I was shocked at this new-found news but was still focused on the job at hand. If they wanted me as their little fuck trophy, I didn’t care I was going to let them have me.

Peters cock was all the way out now, a massive line of saliva was hanging from my mouth to his cock and with that he shoved it back in with more force this time as my throat was ready. He fucked my mouth and throat with more pace now. He kept saying to Jack that they now own my ass and will make do as they please and when they please.

I was sucking on Peters cock as hard as I could, licking his balls as he face fucked me. Jack was back on my cock after spending forever working my ass, he was now rubbing my asshole with his thumb as he sucked my cocked, with one firm push it moved his thumb in. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I started to cum, it was massive, Jack still with his mouth on my cock soaked it all up. He didn’t swallow it however, he spat it out on my asshole and then used his tongue to spread it out.

He sat up and said to Peter he is ready for you. Peter and Jack then swapped positions and for a few seconds I just lay on the bed, my jaw was soar, my body was week from the assaulting I had just taken. As Jack came around to my head, I noticed he was holding a camera and had been filming this the whole time.

Peter climbed on top of me pushing my legs down hard, my ankles were next to my ears, my fury wet bum was pointing up. Jack put his cock in my mouth, I could barely feel it was there after the giant that had forced my throat earlier. Peters head of his cock met my asshole, as he was about to insert it, he stopped and said, this is going to hurt a lot, but you will love it and with that he shoved hard into my ass. Because of all the hard work Jack had done earlier it slid right in. He wasn’t kidding though, it hurt so bad, I blacked out for a second because of the pain. He was ramming me hard with his cock, it was so big it felt like it was going to meet Jacks cock half way. After 20 minutes the pain did go away, and it started to feel like nothing I have ever felt before. Peter was thrusting so hard that Jack didn’t have to do anything because with each thrust, he was smashing my mouth into Jacks pubes.

Peter and Jack continued to spit roast me for another 45 minutes when I could feel Jack was getting ready to cum, I new it was going to be big, he tensed and began to release his hot seed, while doing this he pulled his cock out my mouth allowing his cum to fill my mouth and I started to choke as it was coming out my nose. He drenched my throat, mouth and face with cum. While I was choking this made me tighten my asshole and this made Peter cum, it was as if someone had opened a fire hose inside me, the feeling was intense and went to my brain. He was cuming everywhere it was pouring out of me.

With that they both stood up looking very proud of each other. I could see the look on there faces that this wasn’t over. Jack told me to message my parents and say that I was staying at a friends place till Monday. Jack and peter fucked me from Saturday until Monday afternoon. When I got home, I could barely move and spent two weeks trying recover.

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