Written by CuriousWanderer

01 Dec 2016

Since the age of 14 I wondered if I was Bisexual after getting turned on after seeing a fellow school boy nude for the first time. After nine years of curiosity, I finally got some answers.

It started on a Friday after a fellow user whom I have been chatting to for some time asked if I wanted to meet. I will call this user J . I was hesitant to answer “yes” since my head was being flooded with images of me being raped and then murdered; thanks over-protective parents and television. In any case, I decided that I was only alive once so I answered “Yes”.

After chatting a bit more and making arrangements we finally decided on a place and time. J was going to pick me up (I don’t have my own transport yet, been saving up for a car) and we would decide what to do then. I finally walked to the meeting place and I saw J (he told me was going to wear a red shirt with blue shorts). After walking around a couple of times to make sure it was him I finally approached nervously. He greeted and we walked off to his car. When I was in his car we started discussing ourselves and why we wanted to do this. I started to calm down and began to feel comfortable. We eventually decided to go to his place.

On our way to J’s place, he started to rub my cock through my jeans. It felt amazing; I was getting instantly hard and turned on. I began to follow and do the same to him. He also rubbed my body and then pulled my cock out of my pants. He complimented my cock as he rubbed it. I did the same. I was mostly following his lead since I was extremely inexperienced in this sort of thing and he seemed experienced.

We finally arrived at J’s place. From there we instantly went to his bedroom where we began to strip each other and began to play with one another. For a man that was almost twice my age, Mr J looked good and a solid hard-on. I didn’t mind him being older, I thought it was kinda kinky having an older man teach me things. We then began to wank each other off.

J then decided to suck my cock. It is safe to say I almost exploded right there and then. While he was sucking my off he also played with my balls, so I was pretty much in 7th heaven.

Like I said earlier, I was completely inexperienced in same sex pleasure, but I decided to try sucking J off too. Weirdly enough, the taste of cock wasn’t bad. It almost had no taste but jus with a hint of salt.

J then pushed me back and then did something that felt surprisingly great, he began to rub both our cocks together.

After this we continued to wank, and suck a bit more before we both came. He came quite a while before I did. I think nerves were holding my cum back. Eventually I had quite a powerful cum and we both called it a day. We climbed in the car, chatted more and he dropped me off.

At the age of 23 I had my first bi experience and hopefully I will get to explore more so that I can finally decide whether I am bi or not.