10 Dec 2016

I took a very big chance by starting to whispering to this gorgeous straight guy from my town. He was camming - not in the nude. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He took very well to my whisper and we became cyber friends on this site. I told him I am gay and respect him for being straight. He said he is open minded. I told him that I would really like to meet him. I think both of us were a bit weary. I then started to make sexual advances towards this sexy man and he took to it quite well. I couldn't wait to meet this man. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to feel his sexual presence.

We met surprisingly soon. We chatted on whatsapp and I picked him up after he attended a party one night. I was ecstatic to finally meet this beautiful sexy man. We got to my place and I didn't expect much to happen. We chatted as if we have been long time friends. I couldn't stand out the anticipation. I eventually plucked up the courage and asked him what is the way forward. He took out his gorgeous dick and i started to suck him deeply while he was moaning and being sexually verbal - he was really enjoying the deep throat blowjob that I was busy giving him. I slurped at his sexy straight man cock, fondling his huge loaded balls. My cock was dripping precum in my pants. I was in love and in lust.

He started bucking his sexy hips and moaning that he was going to cum. I was waiting for this for so long. I saw him cumming his sweet straight man cum and licked him clean. I want to see him again. Soon. I want to feel him deep inside me.