01 Jun 2016

As a hetero married man I have always been under no illusions that the choice I made many years ago to go the “straight route” may have been a mistake. Nonetheless, my desire to be with a guy again remained a fantasy for 20 years without scratching the itch. I was being very good, but it was driving me insane.

I can’t remember what the catalyst was, but after googling nude male pics and finding this site, I made myself a profile and watched in fascination as I saw and chatted to many, many other guys in the same boat as me. The sense of comfort knowing that it wasn’t just me being a fucked up dude did wonders for my self esteem. It also made me braver and keen to try out my longstanding fantasies and hopefully get them out of my system so I could go back to the safe hetero cocoon that I had spun around me over the years.

Since then I’ve played with guys quite often in clandestine places like beaches, mall bathrooms and nature reserves. They’ve been great NSA encounters (well, most of them) but there’s always been something missing. Over 20 years I’ve conjured up my ideal M2M experience in my mind and the image of the guy was the quintessential muscled dude – bulging torso with muscles rippling and veiny with a tight hot butt and equally hot cock. I’ve seen them in the gym, but all have been off-limits and beyond the reach of my horny mind, hands and mouth.

Yesterday I was horny. Very, very horny. I’d opened a Grindr account and was cruising profiles when I came across my nemesis: a youngish guy showing a neck-down pic of the fantasy body that had plagued my mind for so many years. Swallowing my doubt I messaged him and held my breath. I almost popped a blood vessel when I saw the notification that he’d replied…..

Turns out he’s in a similar position to me. After a few horny back and forth’s, with more pics from him that made me gasp audibly at my desk, we arranged to meet that afternoon. He told me to come prepared – he loves being fucked up the ass and would be waiting for my cock to do the duty. Being a rather lite M2M fan, I’m not generally the fucking kind as I find it too personal – it also awakens my conscience that I’m a married guy fucking around with men. But the thought of seeing my rampant cock rocking in an out of that wonderful ass (he sent me a pic) made me so hard I could not stand up. The hours at work went so slowly – I was convinced that the time on my PC had stopped. Eventually 4pm arrived and I made a quick exit.

I arrived at the house and found him sitting at the door step waiting. As I got out of the car he stood up and my eyes, cock and heart all kind’ve wanted to explode at the same time. Well that’s what it felt like anyway! I hadn’t seen a face pic and had prepared myself for the worst – after all, it was the body fantasy that was consuming me. His hot chiselled face was covered in a dark 5-o’clock shadow and his eyes twinkled gently at me as my eyes took in every inch of the sexy, good looking man in front of me. His soft-material shorts hugged his body, revealing his tight butt and generous bulge beautifully, and his tight shirt strained against the bulging pecs and hard nipples beneath.

He let me into the house and as we looked at each other hungrily he began to take off his shorts. I helped him out of his shirt and nearly shot my load as I saw him standing there in all of his naked hotness, except for his jocks which clearly had a serious bulge beneath. Not just any jocks though – he had poured himself into one of those jockstrap-type numbers that had straps around the top and bottom of his naked bubble butt and a small open pouch in front revealing a soft mound of neatly trimmed pubes. I groaned as my hands reached for his jocks and began rubbing his bulge and cupping his butt cheeks. My hand reached for his chin and our eyes locked as I opened my mouth and brought our lips together. Our tongues ground together hungrily as we kissed, his 5-o clock shadow rasping against my sensitive skin. Hands were everywhere as we got my clothes off until, both still in our jocks, we began grinding our groins together as we investigated each other’s mouths with our hungry tongues. He groaned loudly and I opened my eyes to see him, eyes closed and head back in his own world of ecstasy as our bodies rubbed together.

I slowly reached down and tugged off his jocks. Removing mine at the same time, I stood back and stared at his naked body. His promise of a 23cm cock was a real one – his bulging uncut manhood was a monster! We brought our cocks closer and starting stroking them together, his moans of appreciated growing as I nibbled his earlobes and pinched his nipples. My mouth wandered slowly down his ripped body, taking in his belly button before continuing down past his soft pubes and down to his swollen cock head. He gasped as my warm mouth took his cock and began sucking him gently. Taking him out of my mouth I slowly licked up and down his shaft before enclosing my mouth over his scrotum as I began sucking his balls hard. He’d mentioned in our chat that he liked this – his reaction made it clear that he was loving every minute. I alternated between sucking his balls and slowly licking his shaft then returned my attentions to his monster cock, sucking hard on him as I deep-throated his amazing cock. I could taste his pre-cum and smell his bodily arousal – all senses were being rewarded as I watched his cock disappearing down my throat.

It became evident that he was lost in pleasure and had no intention of leading things. It also became clear that he wasn’t trying to suck my throbbing cock. I was going to gently push his gorgeous face down on my groin when I stopped, realising that if I saw my cock sliding in and out of his mouth I’d shoot my load in 10 seconds flat. So instead I made him crouch on a sofa and began to investigate his hot shaved ass with my tongue. He moaned and drove his ass into my mouth as I rimmed him, my hands reaching to his front and stroking his heavy balls and cock. Turning him over I rested his muscled legs over my shoulders and ground my mouth into his hole, my tongue darting inside as his ass began to relax.

After a while I could feel he was ready for some fucking action, so I told him that it was time for me to take his ass. He got up and leaned over the dining room table as I unrolled the condom over my painfully erect cock and got some lube going. My hands wandered over to his butt cheeks and I parted them to reveal his hole. I stroked my lubed cock up and down his crack before experiencing a hot melting feeling as I entered him. He moaned as I slowly began thrusting in and out, my hands rubbing his back and tweaking his hard nipples. I felt his hole tightening over my cock as I rode his hot ass, his moans turning me on even more as I heard my balls slapping against his asscheeks with each thrust.

I could see he was in an uncomfortable position, so I pulled out of him and he adjusted himself by lying on the table on his back. I put his legs over my shoulders and entered his hot ass again, the sight of his cock and balls moving in unison with my thrusts blowing my mind. He groaned loudly as I fucked him harder and harder, our bodies glistening with sweat and the heady scent of arousal enveloping us. After a few minutes of hot ass pounding I could see that his cock had softened, so I withdrew and began to hungrily suck him again. He sat up and removed his cock from my mouth, took it into his own hand and began masturbating his re-awakened manhood. I took the condom off and joined him, occasionally reaching for his balls and probing his ass with inquisitive fingers. I could see he was close – his strokes were becoming faster and his moans louder and louder. His cum exploded out of his cockhead, splashing his front torso with a white path of hot manjuice. I leaned down and licked the last blast from his cock, tasting his cum and feeling his jerking body underneath me.

Taking my cock into my hands again I began stroking again, but soon realised that Durex Endurance condoms are appropriately named. I bought them because I knew that the sight of me inside this hot man would make me cum in seconds, but with this particular brand I reckon you’d sooner start a friction fire than cum! So I told him my dilemma and we agreed to call it a day. Watching each other, we slowly got back into our clothes, the aftermath of sex heavy in the air.

Whether or not this encounter has put my fantasies to bed remains to be seen. I closed my Grindr account on the way home and made a pact with myself to have a cock-free June. You gotta start somewhere! I think I’ve had the fun that I’ve wanted for so many year, but the truth is that writing this story has made me so horny I want to feel a warm male mouth taking my cock in – NOW!