Written by AD

03 Jan 2015

On the Monday he winked at me. I started dissecting his profile and lost interest when I saw the picture of a piercing on his cock. Not for me I thought.

On Wednesday I received another wink. Shall I ignore him. Shall I kindly brush him aside. I opened his profile again and read a bit further. At the end of his list of raunchy turn-ons, he noted something unusual - "Kindness a must". I didn't expect that. I decided to respond to his wink. I quite liked the look of him and commented as much. But why the cock-piercings, I asked him?

His reply came a few minutes later in which he elaborated on the increased sensation. I still didn't get that hardening between my legs kind of feeling that made me want to jump into my car and head over to his place right now. On Friday, afternoon I received a message from him. Just the customary "What are you up to?". Within a short while, he said, "I'd love to fuck you now.".

I had my reservations. You always trust your gut instinct. But my gut instinct wasn't telling me to stay clear entirely. Instead, it was telling me to explore. To touch, feel, see, taste. And there is was, a throbbing erection trying to push out of my favourite French Connection slim-fit jeans. Just like that, it takes over - it takes the driving seat and you cannot fight it. You don't want to.

I arrived at his place at ten past seven - daylight had faded and the night had gently covered all the world's imperfections with her gentle touch-ups. I followed him inside and as he turned to me, I awkwardly uttered "You are hot". And he truly was. Beautiful smile, perfect teeth, neat and short haircut...damn, he was hot. Shall we go where it's more comfortable, he asked? Yeah sure, I replied. I followed him to the bedroom where he turned around and wasted no time reaching for my crotch. I reciprocated as our bodies merged. Do you kiss, I asked? Yes, I replied. Moments later he removed his shirt. A tattoo across his upper chest revealed "I don't fight it. I don't want to".

As I made my way down his torso, I gripped his erection with conviction. I pulled down his trousers which revealed a big, hard cock -- with a set of piercings scintillating in the bedside lamps' light. He went down on his knees and took my cock, already dripping with pre-cum, into his mouth, all the while looking up at me. He came up again and kissed me - I could taste my cock on his tongue. I made my way down to his cock - I looked at the piercings and wondered briefly how to tackle this situation. Centimetre by centimetre I swallowed his cock and after a while, I paid those piercings not attention at all. That is until I decided to swallow his cock all the way - those little metal buggers irritated my throat and I started to cough. I suppose it couldn't be all perfect.

Did this guy know his way around an un-cut cock! He applied lube to his fingers, pulled my foreskin forward and then slid his finger in between my foreskin and head. His finger revolved around my head which caused me to stand there in an almost paralysed state of pleasure. That feels unbelievable, I uttered. That's just one of the many tricks I have up my sleeve, he replied. And to experience those, you'll have to wait and see. He moved to my one side, stroking my dick with one hand, and then proceeded to fondle between my arse cheeks with the other. I parted my legs and his fingers made their way down to my hole. Bit by bit his finger steered ever closer to entry. It felt sensational. By now, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't hold back what I knew was going to be an intense orgasm. He knew that too and made his way onto his knees in front of me...continuing to pleasure me, looking up at me. I felt my legs starting to shake. The moans and groans signalled a climax. I shot my load, burst after burst after burst of cum all over his chest.

I was uncertain about meeting him at first. He isn't my type. I don't particularly like piercings. I am not that fond of tattoos. He is 8 years younger than me - I usually prefer guys around my age.

I will see him again. I won't fight it. I don't want to.