10 Nov 2015

i was super horny one day and decided to search for glory holes in the area. there was nothing that tickled my fancy...then i came across a feed which spoke about this park and how guys cruise there and go to the bathroom have some fun. so i got in my car and decided to see what it was all about. i pitched up in the parking lot of the park and looked around. there were a whole bunch of guys sitting in their cars. One guy got out of his car and stood in front of mine and then walked to the toilets. he got to the entrance and stood there and looked at me and then walked in. I was so nervous at this point, but i decided to follow him in.

As i walked into the toilet he was standing at the urinal jerking his cock that was already precumming. i stood next to him and took out my cock. he look at me and before i knew it he was sucking me off. i couldnt believe this random guy was deep throating my throbbing dick. i stopped him to take a breather because i was so close to cumming. nothing was said...

He started to put his hand in the back of my pants and squeezed my ass, i started jerking him off while he rubbed my chest and rubbed my ass. i looked down at my cock that had pre cum streams dangling from my cock. he saw the precum and went down to lick it up, which turned to him sucking my cock again. He started to suck hard and fast and that was me, i was ready to cum. i said "im gonna cum, im gonna cum" and tried to pull away to shoot in the urinal, but he wouldnt have it...3, 2, 1...i thrusted my cock deep into his mouth as my cum propelled into his eager mouth. he sucked and sucked and sucked until my balls were dry. He then spat my sweet, hot, milky cum into the urinal. he jacked himself off while i rubbed his chest and then we both left.

it was hot and i plan on going back there