14 Jan 2019

Its been three weeks since I started chatting with this guy on grindr, he's insistent I come over and meet up with him, he promises me a good time.

Realising that I'm online within a few minutes he sends through more pictures of his cock, wow it's huge!! I immediately get all excited and start touching myself ... Not wanting to let go of the opportunity of good cock to pass me by, I agree. An hour later I'm standing on his porch , his waiting for me , I follow him into his house. As we walk in and the door closes behind me , he commands me to call him Daddy from now on.

He tells me to get comfortable and offers me some wine, I accept . While he's busy pouring a glass in the kitchen, I get undressed and sit there waiting for him in my lace panties and knee high stockings. His demanding demeanour has got me in full submissive mode. He returns to find me ,legs spread apart rubbing my dick through my panties the touch of the lace on my boy pussy gets me even more excited.Daddy is so sexy, bulky older male with a good frame,tanned even complexion,slight stomach and a rugged demeanour. He touches my body with his strong man hands, his hard touch sends me into an instant sexual frenzy. Daddy comes in between my legs our cocks rubbing against each other through the garments feels so hot ...He is well built and his weight ontop of my slender frame feels amazing. It's as if I'm in a 70's porn movie but with trippy trance music playing in the background. We are grinding on his couch , his hands venturing all over my body. He starts kissing me and I immediately realise I'm his willing sexual prisoner.

After a few mintues spent getting me all horny and excited he stands up and orders me to follow him ... I do.

He leads me past his main room and takes me to a back room , its dimly lit and has a lingering smell of cum and mustiness in the air. This is a turn on , it sends my senses into over drive. He takes off his loosely fit pants exposing his low hanging,flaccid cock and sits on the edge of the bed. It's clear what he wants me to do. I get on all fores infront of him and wrap my lips around Daddies big juicy cock, immediately Daddy starts moaning. I wrap my hand around his meat and start sucking him deep. His cock is gorgeous ... thick and juicy with a big set of balls that look like they need draining.

Daddy's cock is already dripping precum, I slurp it up. That's what little faggots like me enjoy. Its clear he enjoys it to , as he pushes my head down making me take his whole cock in my mouth. Im sucking him deep slobbering all over his cock with my mouth juices and can feel as he starts swelling up. Soon im choking on his meat , its becomes veiny thicker and longer ... I'm in heaven . "SUCK Daddy's cock" he orders, I comply. Im deepthroating and sucking Daddy's cock so good ... I can tell by the deep groans he is enjoying my talented mouth nursing on his cock.

He pulls me off his cock and puts his thick fingers in my mouth, I make it wet ... knowing exactly what he wants to do ... he starts rubbing my ass and slips his wet fingers onto my hole rubbing it nice and hard , telling me I have nice boy pussy then kisses me nice and deep. I'm still on the floor on my knees ass out having my hole explored by this Daddy that I met 30 minutes ago.

I'm grinding my ass for him, allowing him access to my boy pussy ... I'm caught under his spell . Anything he says, ill do. I get down all way on the ground and start licking his feet while he strokes his cock ... this clearly turns him on and I continue for a good 5 minutes before coming back up to worship Daddies cock.

He spanks me on the ass and tells me to get on the bed , I listen to Daddy. Touching myself for him while he watches. He goes to the cupboard opens up the draw and takes out something black.

To be continued ...