24 Jan 2019

As Daddy is rummaging through his cupboard, Im laying on the bed on my back legs spread one hand between rubbing my dick and my boy hole and the other on my nipples taking in this view of this sexy older man who is about to sodomise me.

He pulls out something black from his cupboard and comes over ... its a dildo, a big vibrating dildo.

He sits on the edge of the bed facing me and enjoying the little show im putting on for him. He lubes up his little toy, which is not that little it's at least 20cm long but not to thick ,Daddys cock is much thicker. He comes closer and rubs and places his strong arms behind my legs, taking control of the access to my hole. He looks me in my eyes , something about his dark eyes is so domineering. It's not the type of man you easily say no to ,he always gets his way.

We kiss, our fleshy lips encapsulating each other. I immerse myself in everything this man is.His strong body on top of me feels so good , im so lost in his manliness ,he has my ass wide open and exposed ... my legs are in the air and slowly I feel his toy probing my boy pussy. I let out a loud moan all he responds with is, " yes little boy, open that pussy for Daddy". The real pleasure from having this silicone cock penetrating me comes when he turns on the vibrater ... Pulse after pulse is sent through my body first slow and steady, then the speed increases.My boy dick is rock hard and leaking pre cum right onto my chest, every now and again he takes his hand scoops some up and rubs it over my face and into my mouth. I'm wriggling around, but his got me pinned down so tight on my back with his body, there's nowhere to go. I'm stuck forced to enjoy this pleasure this man is providing my prostrate. He moves this fuck toy in and out and to the sides of my boy pussy , I'm getting my asshole massaged and opened. He is very good at this, he has done this before. I prefer experienced men that can take you on a trip. After sometime of having my hole probed by this big mans toy, I feel him slowly pulling out just before it's almost out then he pushes back in deep this sets off my moaning. I'm high on the sexual pleasure ... he is taking me over the edge.

Something about him switches when he pulls out that Dildo, it's as if something dark is possessing him. He replaces it with his veiny, thick, rock hard 18 cm cock. My walls are stretched, to the limit.

He starts fucking me hard. I'm laying there with nowhere to move on my back taking the pounding from his huge daddy cock. I'm fucked really deep. My hole at this point is just one sloppy mess ... when he eventually pulls out after what seems of an eternity, I touch my hole and yes its rammed wide open. He orders me to get in doggy position , this is where he starts talking really dirty to me. "Yea you little slut, so you like getting fucked by strangers , huh ... "yes Daddy I reply" he starts spanking my ass with his flat hand aiming mostly to get my hole ... My ass is glowing under the palm of his constant slapping. We are both covered in sweat and sex juices , my ass in the air and I feel him starting to sodomise me again. I'm hot & horny as this man expertly starting pumping my boy pussy this time he shoves his cock all the way in and pulls all the way out ... he is doing his best tp stretch my hoke out. I'm in heaven this man is fucking me like a champ.

"Call me daddy", he insists ... I follow his command. As he pounds my ass like a pussy I moan, " yes Daddy, yes daddy, yes daddy" he fucks me doggy style for a long time . Our bodies are synced, I meet his rhythm with every thrust. He flips me so that I'm sitting on his cock at this point I'm so lost on his cock that im pushing my ass onto his pole wanting more. We end up back in missionary with my legs in the air ... With one big moan he shoots his load into my ass , his body tenses up pulling me closer. I feel as his man cock swells up in my, now stretched asshole. He pumps for while longer and pulls out ad he gets flaccid.

His cock is covered in juices ... so I put my mouth to it and start cleaning. This is so hot , his cock is covered in juices and smells of fornication and sin ... I make sure to lap everything, nursing on it like my life depends on it, while stroking my own cock. I blow a huge load all over my chest.

We were meant to be a hookup , but he inisists that I stay over for the night , I comply. I get fucked one more time that night and again the next morning. Once his done with me he sends me on my way ...

What a good fuck, I love a Dominant man that knows what he wants.

I've been jerking off weeks later replaying this encounter.

Hope you enjoyed.