03 Oct 2016

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When I moved to Cape town I knew that one of my first stops I'd make was at the popular sauna for men in Greenpoint. The place for all things seedy and hedonistic.

I arrived at the door rang the bell, my heart was racing so fast and I had a bit of nervous tremble

The door unlocked I hesitantly entered making my way up the stairs which was dimly lit . Slightly anxious, but quite excited to have my first bath house experience. I got to the counter and was greeted by a cute attendant who probably picked up that it was my first time and he tried to crack a joke to make me feel more at ease. I payed for my entry and was given a towel and a pair of sandals. I went to my locker got undressed wrapped my towel around me tightly, grabbed two lube sachets and condoms that they left in the locker.

When I walked through the swing door I breathed out taken a back the clubby music, the nice laid back decor and obviously the men on the main floor probably 20 of them either just chatting , making out some jerking and sucking each other off . My excitement shot through the roof . I made my way to the bar ordered a double whiskey , I need to calm my heart rate and normalise .

After I got comfortable I decided to go through the back and explore this amazing venue. Some guys were giving me looks and groping their cocks , but I wasn't ready yet . I spotted the upstairs area and took my drink up to the balcony a little more confident I planted myself next to a dude he quickly stood up and left, I shrugged it off. Lit my cigarette and sipped my drink and took in the beautiful Capetown view it really is a magnificent view. A few minutes later a dude black skinny and well hung planted himself next to me. We didn't exchange a word - he simply dropped his towel. I leaned over and sucked him he nudged me to go slower, I could taste the precum on my tongue. I pulled away from his cock, smiled, stood up, bent over to pick up his towel from the floor exposing my young hole he ran his finger along my crack - I walked away and made way down stares throwing one last exit glance as I descended the stairs. That was a good introduction, but I wanted more.

Next I stumbled across the sauna, I found myself a nice little spot and laid down revealing my dark toned body and plump ass to the fellas who had already settled in mostly older type guys . All this men sitting around me got me quite excited I had gotten so hard getting all this attention was a turn on. I decided to turn on my back and give them a little show and started rubbing my throbbing cock . It definitely got their attention, because suddenly all of them started tugging at their growing cock's. Being young and sexy has its advantages hehe Before I knew it I was on my knees bobbing on some older white mans cock, his body was hard and his cock even harder a nice fat one to. I figure I was doing well considering he kept saying "omg you suck so good". I felt a finger run through the crack of my ass lightly brushing over my 21 yo hole and immediately looked around to see one of the other guys also a bit older, hot coloured daddy enjoying my ass. I allowed him to proceed returning my focus to sucking this fat cock that was so willing and enjoying my warm throat muscles wrapped around his meat. I sucked and sucked with his hand on the back of my head pushing me down on his cock I didn't hold back. The daddy behind me had started eating out my hole and that got me really excited. Daddy with the cock in mouth couldn't hold back anymore and announced that his about to cum I pulled my mouth off his cock and he exploded cum shot upon cum shot over himself some landing on me. The guy eating my ass got a bit too excited and thought he'd jumped up and try and mount me, but I wasn't ready. So I politely and firmly declined with a smile and made my. I was so caught by the two daddies I didn't even notice the little crowd that had formed in the sauna. I left smiling, but still had some more exploring to do ..

I went to the bar got another drink and went back upstairs. Three german guys in the jacuzzi kept looking in my direction, while I was sharing. The Germans called me over and asked if I'd join them in the jacuzzi how could I say no their accents made it hard to refuse . They looked like they stepped out of pornhub film. They were in their thirties all well built and well groomed. We made some small talk, but I had a hand one on each cock sitting either side of me and the guy on the other side with his sexy bald head had his foot between my ass cheeks rubbing it with his big size 12s. I threw my head back and enjoyed the moment, eventually they invited me back to their private room which they had booked for the night.

I was so ready to get fucked by these men. All so muscled and hard they must've been in their early thirties all taller than me and I am 1.85 m tall ...

We wasted no time, they took turns fucking me. I had a huge cock in my ass and a huge cock in mouth and another cock in my hand I made sure not to neglect their cocks. The older guy of the trio had the biggest schlong and when it was his turn to fuck me he basically rammed me the hardest I had never fucked a cock that big, but was soon addicted to the feeling of being stretched open the way he did. One of the trio grabbed my face and spat in it-slapping me across the face, it shocked me but he just did it again. One of them left the room while the other two were having fun with me and returned a bit later with the black guy I got acquainted with earlier. When he dropped his towel the two german daddies went crazy touching and groping me . The Germans had me on my knees in front of his cock pushing me to suck it. Honestly his cock was too big to fit in my mouth . After a lot of gagging he had me in doggy position back arched ass in the air. Already a slobbering mess from the assault they had packed for the past hour. Now this African god was going to mount me and spread show them how to fuck. I thought I couldn't be stretched open much more until this guy rammed his cock in me. He wasn't gentle at all he basically pushed his veiny thick 23 cm long cock all the way in me and fucked me like I was a just there for his pleasure. The Germans were cheering him on while jerking there cocks ever so now and again one of them would slap their cocks in my face and slap my ass and face taking turns on using my mouth - I was being used like the slut I am. The black guy turned me around on my back just when I thought it couldn't get worse. It felt like he had gone even deeper in this position he piston fucked me my legs being pulled back by the Germans there was moaning and groaning in that cabin - He pulled out spraying his cum all over my body the Germans also took their turns dumping their welled up cum over my body and face . I sucked their cocks clean and we laid passed out for a long while ontop of each other rubbing, kissing each other, touching each other and ourselves.

I left to take a shower and went to the locker room to get dressed barely being able to move my body was so sore. When I stepped outside it was just about sunrise I rushed home and got in bed touching my hole it felt so tender and swollen from being a willing slut . I jerked my cock off one more time and fell asleep dreaming about my hot adventure I just had.

My first experience at the gay bath house was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed many more experiences followed, but my first was the most memorable.

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