Written by Arkward Guy

08 Jan 2018

New years eve is always a great time, say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. This year we (my family and I) was invited to spend new years eve with my Uncle and their family and friends.

We got there and there was quite a big crowd which was nothing different from the parties that my Uncle hosts, so I knew it was going to be a fun evening.

A little bit about me, I am 24, and im a closeted gay. Im not a good looking guy, still a little bit arkward but I have a weird sense of humour. No one knows that I am gay so I live out my fantasies at night or occasionally visit Adult World or perve on Grindr, but that is life.

At the party I mingled with family and friends and got introduced to prospective girls so had some fun. At around 10ish Brad and his family arrived and my heart skipped a beat or two when I saw him. Brad is my uncles best friend and he is "happily married with a son and a dog - sigh so perfect. I had a crush on Brad for a few years and he was always part of my dirty little fantasies and most times when my uncle had a function he was there, but was also a bit arkward around him, he occasionally asked about my gf and always told him there was someone.

So lets describe Brad, he is about 1.85m tall, he's not athletic but he is sexy, green eyes, gorgeous smile, well shaped face, brown hair, very much if you google him, you will see him. I seen him in shorts and he has sexy legs, a bit hairy and the sexiest feet.

So that night, he was at another party so he was wearing a beige cargo pants, blue shirt and looked so hot, when he hugged me I inhaled deepy to smell him, smelt him and he smelt like Kouros, so sexy that I felt wet

Through the night we chatted whilst his family mingled and at times we were alone with odd silences. Brad rarely drinks but he had a cider to make my uncle happy. At around 11 Brad received a call from his alarm company telling that his alarm had gone off and because he moved into a house, he was a bit worried. So he told my Uncle he needs to dash out just to check, he alerted his family and told them not to stress he will be back. I seen opportunity and I asked him if I can come for a ride because it was kinda noisy at the party. He didn't hesitate and asked me to join him.

I jumped into his beemer and he sped off to Paulshof. I liked the smell of his car, so clean and yummy, you could tell he took care of it.

At his home he opened the gates and did a quick check around the house but didn't find anything out of place. he showed me around as he checked the outside, he has a tenant who wasn't there.

He opened up the house and we went in, he switched on the lights and then he saw the problem in the lounge, there was a spider on the sensor which set off the alarm. He doomed the spider and then called the alarm company and told them not to come out.

Because the entire trip wound him up, he said he was going to have a whisky, so I never seen him have whisky so I was a bit like taken aback. He offered me one which I declined, so he poured me a coke instead. We chatted a bit about the house and he asked me to look around and make myself comfortable. I wanderd around whilst he had his whisky, I could hear him on the phone with his wife reassuring her that everything was fine and he will leave in a bit, she cautioned him to leave after midnight because the roads can get hectic and he agreed.

I wandered into his room and my eyes crossed over his king size bed, I imagined him lying naked there with his wife, or in his boxer shorts. I wanted to smell his bed to see if I could smell him but then I thought that would be silly because I don't know which side he sleeps on.

I walked into his bathroom and it was all so clean and tidy, opened the laundry bin and saw his clothes in there. I quickly closed the door and I took out his clothes and smelt it, there was no underwear though. After a couple of minutes I heard Brad shout so I pulled the chain and went out. I apologized and told him I had to use the toilet and he said it was ok. He poured himself another whisky and he started telling me off his life and work and how hectic it was.

As we spoke I offered to be the bartender and poured him another shot, slightly bigger than what he poured, maybe I wanted to get him drunk. after a few whiskies, he was more relaxed that I ever seen him and he was also very playful. He told me that he wont be going back to the party because its not his thing and he told his wife who was ok with it, he offered to take me back but I declined and offered to chill with him, besides I could uber to go back home.

after a couple more whiskies he became very open, spoke about his marriage and asked me about my girlfriend. Told him we broke off and he was sympathetic but advised me not to get involved so young, must enjoy life. He was sitting on his leather chair, shoes out and legs spread and I had all these fantasies about him which was making me hard, thank God I had tight briefs on.

With the amount of alcohol Brad had to go pee and I watched him wobble off, wishing I could go watch, he went to the toilet and I could hear him grumble as he undid his zipper, I heard a jet of water and knew he was doing his thing. So I was a bit curious and wandered towards the toilet, the door was open and he was standing over the toilet with his legs spread and his soft dick in his hands, it was soft but it was big. I looked at him and he looked at me and asked me what was up, told him I wanted to pee as well and was going to use his bathroom.

He smiled at me and watched me go off and he carried on, I went to his bath, released my cock which was rock hard and just stood there holding it, visualisng what I just saw. After I heard him flush I did the same and joined him. He was in the lounge and he asked me to pour him a double whisky and I happlily obliged. I could see his zipper was partly open and the top buttons of his shirt was undone.

I couldn't help but perve at his chest, I could see the black hair. I looked down at his zipper and he noticed I was looking, he looked down, laughed and pulled it up, saying he is too drunk to notice. I replied and told him not to stress about it as its just the two of us, he laughed it off.

After 2 more whiskies, he was off to the toilet again, this time a bit more drunk and I again used the opportunity, when I head the stream of water, I walked by and stopped and looked at him. Holding his cock he asked me what was wrong. Gave him the same excuse, except this time he told me to stand by him and wait till he finishes and then I can go. I blushed and told him ok but I wont watch him, he laughed and said it was ok, I can watch. .....