26 Oct 2016

This happened a couple of hours ago I couldn't resist sharing the experience so I'm typing it from the beach ...

I got to the beach around 11 dressed I'm my summer wear , shorts, sandals, making sure I showed off my lean toned tanned body .

I wasn't looking for fun honestly , I swear these situations always find me.

He was sitting across from me on one of the rocks , tall , coloured man , very nice body , not a gym fanatic but he looked quite sexy in his board shorts which hugged his more than visible package.

I was smoking minding my business , when I saw him wave in my direction first he asked the time , so I gave him the time then he stood up and motioned over to me asking if he could get a cigarette ... I reach in my bag and hand him a cigarette. He lights it , but continues to stand all the while groping at his package while making small talk ...

Its clear that mr big package has other intentions .... So I I just go along with it. I was still in my shorts so I took a them off exposing my growing package and bubble butt .... He comments on how nice my body is I just laugh. He then thanks me for the CIG and goes back to his spot. And I think that is that. WRONG

The beach is slowly filling up ... And the sun is hotter and I start to apply some sunblock.

Guess who comes over again .... This time offering to apply some cream on my back , with a little hesitation I agree and so he starts rubbing the oily cream all over my back all the while commenting on how good my body is. His hands are big and strong and his rubbing turns into more of a massage .... Now bear in mind I'm wearing a very tiny swim shorts , one size too small and it doesn't hide much .... And this rub down along with his voice and his sexual innuendo gets me rock hard.

He starts talking about how he'd make sure I'll be fucked good if he could get the chance ... At this point he had sliilpped his hands under my waistband and was slowly going for my hole .... I bucked up a little giving him access . His oily thick middle finger finds my hole and he gently starts rubbing the outside , I'm moaning ever so slightly .... Luckily my big umbrella hides us from the people around us .... Even if it didn't I don't think I cared at this point .... He starts calling me a little faggot slut and that he loves fucking little faggot sluts .... Then without much warning he slams his big man finger into my tight shaven boy pussy and starts fingering me with all his might .... Then without warning he pulls out , pulls up my trunks and orders me to follow him .

I gather my stuff so quick .... Hoping to get more than just this mans finger. So I follow him and to my Suprise he doesn't lead me to a toilet or a bush ... But to his beach house ...

As soon as the door closes behind us he has my legs in the air on one of his couches .... Exposing my recently fingered hole this time round though its his mouth that does the work . He starts licking sucking at my hole with such intensity I was scared I was going to cum .... I pull off his pants to expose a fat cock atleast 20 cm long .... And I quickly submit to it on my knees .... Sucking on his foreskin and then shoving the whole thing down my throat .... He encourages me by telling me what a good faggot cock sucker I was ... This really motivates me .... I just want to please him

He turns me around ass in the air,on all fores , slapping his rock hard cock on my ass I moan so loudly and he just slaps his meet harder I'm all oiled up and start begging him to fuck me .... The begging turns him on big time .... Without much warning he plants his huge cock in me pushing deeper & deeper into my tight hole stretching me open good. The pain is horrific my eyes tear up but as soon as he starts hitting the spot I'm moaning to the rhythm of his body slapping against mine .... Its electric .... I'm dripping precum all over his couch he fucks me in this positiom for a good twenty minutes then pushes me off his cock ... He sits down and orders me to start riding guiding me so that I'm sitting with my back to him .... As I position myself om his cock he aggressively pushes me down onto it .... I lose all control and gets the deepest fuck I've gotten in a while .... We both are moaning the smell of sex and sweat permeates in the room after a half hour of riding his cock he pulls off and shoves his juicy cock down my throat ..... I'm wanking myself and he blows his thick load down my throat ordering me to swallow .... His manliness is so hot and the taste of his cum is too amazing that I can't contain myself and blow a fat load that lands on the other side of the room.

Guess with who I'm spending the rest of the day ...

We going to go at it soon again.