16 Mar 2016

The other day I went to Willowbridge mall in Cape Town and needed to pee, I went into on of the stalls and thought I would just sit and wait to see if someone came into the stall next to me it wasn't long and a guy came in and also sat down with his jeans around his ankles from the reflection on the tiles it looked like he was jerking off which made me start to get hard and I stated to jerk off too.

I tapped my foot but the guy carried on I put my hand under the partition and very soon he was kneeling down I first started to rub his cock he then moved forward and I could give him a good blow didn't last very long he just cleaned up and left I thought oh well I'll have to finish myself off as I was sitting there jerking another guy came in I made sure he could see the reflection he to started to jerk this time he put his hand under the wall so I knelt down and what a awesome blow this guy gave me.

Have been back a number of times but it's a hit or miss just yesterday I waited about 15 min. But no one came I'll try again in a couple of days time