01 May 2019

We arranged to meet at a specific place. X picks me up and we drive to his hotel.

As soon as we enter the room, X moves over to draw the curtains close. That's the cue...

We start undressing and he walks over to the bed naked. He tells me to kneel between his spread legs and to suck him off. I inhale the musky scent of his cock and take his cock into my mouth.

I can feel his cock go from semi to hard in my mouth as I suck and stroke him off simultaneously. He stands up and thrusts his cock deep in and out of my mouth.

I'm bobbing my head up and down his cock. He lets his cock from my mouth and directs me to get onto the bed.

I lie on my back and he climbs on top of me. He licks his way up my belly to my chest and sucks on each nipple. He sucks it hard, nibbles and pulls on it lightly.

He moves down to my cock, strokes and sucks it. He stops and tells me to show him my ass .

I lift my legs in the air. His hard cock ready to enter me. He rubs his cock against my hole. I ask if he has condoms he replies no. I tell him to finger fuck me instead.

He licks his fingers and lubes up my hole with his spit. He enters me, finger fucking me, hard and fast. I'm pretty tight and adjust my hole for him, his finger inside of me.

I rest my legs on his shoulders, he strokes and sucks on my head, sliding his finger in and out of me.

His finger hits my g spot with every thrust, each thrust deeper and deeper.

I can't hold back any longer and tell him,"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

He continues sucking, stroking and fingering me. I'm close, my body tenses and I shoot my load, some of my cum enters his mouth. He continues stroking my cumming cock and my legs spasm from the pleasure I'm getting.. I lay there trying to catch my breath.

We change position and he's lying on his back. I stroke his hard cock faster and faster. He tells me his gonna cum and shoots his creamy load all over my hands. I continue stroking him and watch his body spasm while I stroke his sensitive cock.

We lay on the bed and he mentions that he enjoys doing this , the NSA of it all and I agree that I do to.