24 Jul 2016

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I am a colored guy with a very well toned body,30 cm waist , 1.84, 75 kg and fat ass , good facial features (so I've been told hehe) , I always keep a groomed pubic area shave my ass shave my cock and any chest hair .

He is a 1.86 tall Congolese guy, bulging muscles, big chest and an even bigger cock measuring 24 cm (the biggest cock I've taken) when hard and very thick , big hands big feet and typical Mandingo African features. He is the type of man that will fuck your wife while you watch, the type of man that'll make you clean your wife's pussy juices off his cock and fuck her again while you sit in the corner on your knees tongue out rock hard forbidden to touch yourself while your wife feels a real man inside her. Read further if you want to know how Mandingo just about broke my ass pussy.

I was sitting in the park on my phone minding my own business and soaking up some summer sun. I felt somebody's eyes on me and looked up and locked eyes with the most amazing specimen.

His name is Kevin and he had a killer smile that affirmed his manhood - he wanted to fuck me.

We did the usual cruising procedure, gave each other a little show. He was tugging and pulling at his cock showing it off ,slapping it hard on his leg. My heart rate escalated, I immediately knew I wanted him. At this point my dick print was clearly visible the short shorts and lack of underwear hid nothing. Since it was midday on a work day the park was quiet, I felt a little brave and basically loosened my pants stuck my two fingers in my mouth and started fingering myself having my shorts down to my ankles .This got him excited and he kept his gaze transfixed on me. Eventually security guys came trough and I quickly pulled my pants up. He called me over and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere, he smiled . He had the biggest lips his natural scent of sweat and musk in my nostrils, made my boy pussy pounce. To be honest I enjoy that strong natural scent of a man particularly black men. It's like muti to me the pheromones are very powerful and instantly gets me hard.

We spoke for a bit and agreed to go to adult world in Castle Street. We got to AW , I payed and we got a cabin downstairs. There were some guys cruising, but we didn't pay attention to them we came to fuck.

We locked the door behind us the room was dimly lit with the thin grey-black mattress and the condoms and sachets of lube, there was a strong smell of sex in the air and we were going make it even more ripe with our own. He dropped his pants exposing his very long cock that was just hanging there not even hard yet . My heart started to race and I assumed my position on my knees sucking his cock worshipping his cock- he insisted I go slow lightly slapping me across the face if i went to fast. Before long his dick was hard and long as an air freshener. I worked his length with my mouth to cover it in spit. With his hand behind my back he made me take his black meat all the way down my throat ,making me gag. The more I gagged the more he pushed me down on his meat keeping me there I was spewing saliva all over his cock it was in my face and dripping onto my chest and onto the floor. I was like clay in his hands . Before I knew it I had my ass in the air with his bulbous black meat being pushed in my "still tight" boy pussy. I was horny, nervous excited all at once. He didn't believe in taking it easy with one big push I had his cock all the way up my ass- pain shot through my body. I let out a scream as his huge black dick tore into my hole. Instead of stopping as I tried to push him off me, he kept me in position and slammed deeper into me. The sound of meat on meat echoed in the room. The more I tried to get away the harder he fucked, the pain slowly went away passed and I felt sensation after sensation take control of my body as he expertly pounded my prostrate over and over. I thought I was going to be in control of the situation, but I was wrong. He had me where he wanted me at one point pulling his dick all the way out and slamming it right back into me with such aggression. Waves of ecstacy pulsed throug my body, this man was an expert at stroking the gspot. He was silent the only communication was his facial expression which was in a trance like state beads of sweat running down his face and dripping onto me - it was hot getting hotter and hotter. He had manipulated my body to take his big dick in me.

I reached a point where I begged him to stop and he just refused - I tried to push him off but he clamped me in position, he just pounded away at my pussy which was all sloppy and open - all I heard was the slurping sound of him pulling out and pushing into me and our flesh connecting. I tried to clench my ass, but after 45 + mins of being penetrated by this mammoth member I had lost all control of my muscles - Kevin just kept fucking away, his strong arms holding me in place to be used for his pleasure. Eventually I just laid there and took his dick without putting up a fight. He kept hitting my prostrate over and over clamping my legs behind my head and shoving his dick in me making sure to hit my pussy from all angles. He had me in doggy position and kept pushing my back down into position exposing my hole, when I say I was open I mean it. My hole was being used like it was a pocket pussy making slurping sounds as he pummeled in and out of my wet hole. When he pulled out and made me sit on his dick I could feel how open and soft I was. All this ramming into me had moaning and making weird sounds that I felt like such a slut. He then alternated his cock between my pussy and my mouth making me clean off his cock that was drenched in my ass juices.I had my arm around his him crying for him to let me go, but this didn't bother him. I came continuously during this fucking without touching myself infact the cum was flowing out of me, I had multiple orgasms.

By the time he finished fucking me it was almost half past five, we went into the stalls at about half past one - four hours of relentless fucking. Ending off this glorious fuck with nutting down my throat The constant edging had such a build up I was choking on his thick streams of cum jetting down my throat- I swallowed every drop. My body was sore from being bent and held in position for his pleasure. I could hardly stand and leaned on him, we walked out together he held my hand and we parted ways outside.

I was sore for three weeks after the hookup and I stayed away from dick black dick in particular for Atleast Two months .

Completely the best and most memorable dom experience of my life. I still touch myself thinking about Kevin. We met up a few times after that , even though it was nice to play with his cock it was never quite like our first encounter.

According to one of my Congolese male friends who I told this story to , there is a drug or herb that Congolese men use similar but seemingly more potent than viagra. That increases the playing time drastically. Either way I was happy.

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