Written by Pez

19 Aug 2013

With a heavy feeling still pulling my heart towards my feet I woke the next morning.

The usual morning rituals are performed in an automated state. I use the bathroom, make coffee, and then with the coffee mug in my hand head to my office to start with the day.

The first order of business is to check whether all the guards have logged in electronically. A quick perusal shows that all the guards are on their posts, and all the guard rooms are tidy and ready for the day ahead.

It is barely 7am when I get a tone from my cellphone that indicates there is a message waiting for me. A bit preoccupied I reach for the phone, and swipe over the screen to activate the device. What I see makes my heart jump from the pit of my stomach to my throat.

The message header contains one word. It only says "HI."

With shaking hands, knocking knees, and a feeling of uncertainty I tap the message to gain access to the contents.

I hardly dare look, but somehow summon the courage to do so.


I had to write you, as I could not contain myself any further.

I am sorry about yesterday. I had made the appointment more than a week ago, and didn't want to back down as I was afraid that I would be labelled as a no-show.

I lay in bed last night and realised that I could have backed out, and just explained that I have met someone.

Please forgive me.


That was the message. It meant nothing, yet it meant the world.

He was sorry, and was asking me to forgive him. Could I?

There was no doubt in my mind. I had felt hurt, but in all honesty he had made the appointment before we had formally met. In the time that we were chatting, he had evidently chatted to other people, as had I. There was nothing to forgive.

He had done what he thought was right, and I wondered how I would have reacted if I had been in his shoes.

"Nothing to forgive. I was upset, but I understand" I messaged back to him.

I sat before behind my desk, and analysed my feelings and emotions. Had I cheated?

My wife had given me her express blessing to pursue a relationship with another man, as she understood that I wanted to experience gay anal sex. It was something she could not provide, and over the years that we had talked about it, she had come to the conclusion that I would always love her, even if I met another person and developed feelings for him. She was my first love, and would always be that. Just as a parent does not love one child less when another is born, our love would not diminish. We had been through a lifetime together, and she knew me as well as I knew myself.

The conclusion of my soul searching was simple. I had not cheated, even though I had felt guilty that I had. I had the blessing of my loving wife, and what I had done, was what we had discussed many times in the past.

I sent another message: "Thanks for the other night. Want to meet up again?"

The reply was instantaneous: "Would love to. Just say where and when. This time it is my turn."

We quickly made arrangements to meet that same evening. I called my wife and confirmed with her that I would be out for the evening, and would let her know when I would be home. She simply replied that I should enjoy the evening, and that she loved me.

Driving to our rendezvous I had a lump in my throat, and a bigger lump in my pants. I had a slight pulsing deep inside me, which seemed to start somewhere between my legs, and ended in my chest.

When I drove through the gates and up the driveway, my palms felt sweaty. I had to dry them in the flow of chilled air blowing out of the vents of the car.

W came out of the house to greet me, and my heart missed a beat as my cock gave a lurch in my pants. He was wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe, with bare feet. He walked up to me, and reached out with both hands. I took both his hands, and he almost pulled me out of my car. As I straightened up, he cupped my face, and moving in I felt his lips touch mine. Tentatively, just a ghost of a touch, but it was enough.

We had a repeat of our first encounter, but this time it was he that was on the receiving end. He had very little experience bottoming, and was nervous about being penetrated by my 9" cock. I gently lubricated him, first with one finger, slowly inserting it, until I could tell that he was comfortable with the invasion. A second and finally a third finger gently stretched him, opening him, readying him for me.

When I felt that he was ready, I had him lie on his back, with his legs pulled up. This gave me access to his leaking cock, and also to his waiting hole.

I steadied myself on one arm, and used the other hand to guide my throbbing cock to the entrance of his well lubricated ass. When I felt the engorged head of my cock grate over is bud, I withdrew my hand, and almost balancing on all fours, pushed forward slowly. I felt the resistance against my cock, and kept slow gentle pressure against his resisting hole.

I bent my head forward, and whispered to him to relax, and then kissed him hard, on the mouth. My tongue gently pried at his lips, demanding entrance, which he readily gave.

Suddenly I felt all resistance falter, then fail, as my cock slipped in effortlessly. I bottomed out, with all 9" buried balls deep in him. I resisted the urge to start pumping away, and waited for his hot chute to grow used to the unfamiliar invasion.

His smile showed me that he was ready, and I could proceed. I did. I slowly started withdrawing my cock, then with just the head remaining in him, pushed forward again. I repeated the process a few times, until he told me that he wanted to feel me fuck him.

Always happy to oblige, I started picking up the pace, and soon I was ploughing away at his ass, my cock pistoning in and out, with my balls slapping his with every return. I knew I could not hold out for long, as this was unfamiliar territory for me, and all too soon I felt my balls tighten, then the rush as my cum started boiling up. I pushed in as deeply as I could, and kept my cock buried to the hilt in him.

The climax that swept over me threatened to cause me to black out, and I think I did for a moment, because the next recollection I had was of me slowly withdrawing my limp dick, and feeling a coolness on my lower belly. I looked down, and was amazed to see that he had also cum, spurting his seed between us. I had not even realised it.

We lay on the bed for what seemed like ours, gently running our hands over our bodies, exploring, familiarising ourselves with each other. We talked while we lay there, about things of no consequence, yet important. We established that we wanted to see each other exclusively, and that there would be no further meetings with other persons.

We both might be happily married, but as we had the blessing of our respective spouses, there was nothing that really stopped us from starting a meaningful relationship.

Had I cheated? No, I hadn't. There was no reason for guilt.

Did I have something to feel sorry about? Yes. Our time together drew to an end much too soon.

I could live with that however, as I now had a regular fuck buddy, but more than that, I had a lover and a boyfriend.