Written by Pez

17 Aug 2013

We had been chatting for a number of weeks, and had swopped email addresses, photos, contact details, and had become quite good friends, even if we had never met face to face.

An arrangement was made that we would meet at a location within easy travelling distance from both of us.

Upon meeting, and the first handshake, I could feel that there was a connection. To use an old cliché, there was electricity in the air.

Nervously we both undressed, and I admired your body. It was not the body of a male model, but it was perfect in my eyes.

Just the right amount of hair in just the right places.

Your manhood standing proud, pulsing gently in time with the beating of your heart.

I wondered if you could hear my heartbeat. Even though I had said I had done this type of thing before, I was nervous, and it has been a long time since I have done something like this. The fact that I am cheating, even with my partner's consent, lies niggling in the back of my head. These thoughts are fleeting however, when you lean forward, and embrace me in your strong arms.

You take my hand, and lead me to the bed, gently pulling me backwards towards where you are kneeling on the bed, until I almost fall over, into your waiting arms.

My protestations (to myself at least) that I am bisexual, and not gay, fly out the window when your lips touch mine. Your tongue exploring, duelling with mine, drives me to a level of ecstasy I have not experienced in a long time. Becoming bolder, I reach down, and touch your harness for the first time. I can feel it pulsing in my hand, a living being with a mind of it's own. I can feel a drop of pre-cum at the tip, and wipe it up with the ball of my thumb, and bringing my hand to my face, I get my first taste of your most intimate place.

What follows is an ode of joy to be sung by all new lovers. Your hard manhood slowly entering my forbidden love channel, slowly, painfully at times, all the time gently entering me, until I feel you embedded within me. A slow kiss, while your fingers are entwined with the fingers of one of my hands, and a look into your eyes, shows that you are sharing the emotions that I feel.

The animalistic coupling we share, with your 7" cock sliding into my well lubricated ass, drives me wild. I had forgotten how good anal sex can be with someone that you share some form of intimacy with. I feel the engorged head of your cock slide over my prostate, and it drives me to heights of pleasure I did not know existed. I know the feelings of pleasure can't last, yet they persist as you start driving you hard cock into my willing ass. My ass is now completely relaxed, and the sensations are starting to drive me insane with a feeling of well-being welling up within me.

All too soon our coupling comes to its inevitable conclusion, and I sense you start stiffening, feel your arms embrace me tighter, then suddenly your cock hardens even further, and I can feel the hot spurts as you cum deep in me.

My bowels feel as though they are on fire, and your spurts of cum are trying to extinguish the flames, yet only fuel them on.

For the first time in my life, I start cumming without even touching myself. The first blast of my cum flies over my head, hitting the wall behind the bed somewhere. The next few strings land on my face, chest and as the flow lessens land at the base of my pulsating and quivering 9" cock.

A momentary feeling of guilt washes over me, but quickly subsides as you draw me into your strong arms again, and we share a passionate kiss.

I could very easily get used to this.

All too soon we have to get dressed, and with a last kiss get into our respective cars, and leave for our respective homes.

As soon as I get home, I send you a message that I have made it safely back home, concluding that I would like to do it again, and that I would like us to get together exclusively in the future. Even though we are both in relationships with long term partners, we will play exclusively. Your reply that you agree, and that you will only have sex with your partner and me, pleases me to no end. With sleep threatening to overcome me, I reluctantly sign off, and with a visit to the bathroom I finally expel your seed from within me. I wish I could go to sleep with your seed in me, but know I will have some embarrassing questions to answer in the morning should your cum leak out while I am asleep.

The next morning I can feel that you have used my ass. It is tender, and slightly swollen. The feeling however reminds me of the ride of pleasure you took me on. My ass throbs involuntarily at the thoughts of our shared time the night before.

Later during the day I am pleasantly surprised when my cellphone vibrates indicating a message.

I eagerly look at the message, but what I see caused my heart to plummet to the bottom of my stomach.

Your message is short, jovial even, as you state that you had met someone you had been chatting to for quite some time, and you have shared blowjobs. The photo you have attached showing his cum blown onto a picnic table, is like a knife wrenching through my gut.

What happened to our talk of seeing each other exclusively? Have you forgotten the feelings we shared only a few short hours ago? Did our liaison even mean anything to you?

I feel crushed. Devastated even.

Yes, I am a cheater, but the feelings of betrayal after you have cheated on me, feel even worse that the guilt I feel for cheating. I can't talk to you. Not now. I have to let my emotions subside. My feelings threaten to run away and I have to fight to keep a calm outer appearance.

Maybe later I will be able to talk to you again, but for now, I have to gather my thoughts, fight the feeling of utter despair, and I have to decide whether to live with the guilt, or let it wash over me, and consume me.

You have betrayed me, even as I have betrayed my partner.

Is this what the afterglow of love/lust feels like, or it it just the feel of a cheater being cheated on?