Written by Gay Guy

14 May 2018

The new boss was introduced to us, lets call him Brad. He looked super dreamy, brown eyes, black hair, very English accent, he was no buff dude but you could tell he took care of himself, he had a Tom Cruise look...

We were told he was married with a kid blah blah blah and I stopped listening. My dreams were crashed in a moment but hey that's life and at least now we had some eye candy.

Brad and I got on well, and soon I was his blue eyed boy and maybe because I basically did all that he asked, after all that was what I was paid for. The guys in the office did not know that I was bi, and having a gf made it easier.

After a couple of months we had a big project that required weekend work, I didn't mind that weekend because I had nothing to do. We were told to dress casually to work so guess it was shorts and slops for all of us.

Got to the office and Brad was already in, behind his desk and he looked delicious in his shorts, t shirt and slops, I have never seen him so casual, I did mention casual suited him. By lunch most of the guys had left and around 4 Brad and I were still around and both of us had had enough.

He asked me if I wanted to come to his place for drinks, his wife and kid was at her moms place and they would most likely stay over. I didn't hesitate part so because I had no plans.

I followed him to his house, which was plush and when we got there he showed me around and then said we should go chill in his man cave, big screen tv to watch sports and a bar, what could be better?

Brad never struck me as a drinker and he told me that he does not drink much, an odd whisky now and then, but he was in the mood for a whisky. I offered to pour for him, and I had a cider, I'm not much into whisky.

We spoke a lot and he shared a lot about himself, but through the evening I kept perving at his sexy body, looking at his legs and feet, though he never noticed. A few times I excused myself to use his toilet and a few times I peeped at him when he went to the toilet, but couldn't see much..

As the night progressed he got more drunk and I encouraged it, because it was hot his t shirt was eventually off and all I could do was marvel as his body, this was a real man, he had chest hair and hairy armpits and I loved it.

In his drunken state he complained his back was sore and I offered to massage him, citing I did a course on natural healing, he didn't decline my offer so I asked him to lie on the floor. I used lotion and started to massage his back and he loved it, telling me how good it was. I asked him if I must massage his legs and feet and he allowd me to. I started at his feet massaging them, gently stroking it while he moaned quietly. I couldn't help but smell it and it smelt to good. leaving his feet I massaged his hairy legs, stroking him all the way up his thighs. I told him his shorts is in the way and he offered to remove it. I asked him if I must get a towel to cover his butt but he said no its hot and he doesn't have a problem. So I massaged his thighs up to his bum, but not touching his bum. I was in heaven...

I moved over his back and stroked him then asked him to turn over so I can massage his chest. He obliged and my hands glided over his hairy chest, under his armpits, down to his pubic hair line and over his legs. All this while he moaned with his eyes closed.

When I moved down his body, I stopped to inhale his crotch, it was so manly and sweaty. I kept watching it taken by the size of his soft cock.

He opened his eyes and seen me watching his cock and he asked if he must take his jocks off. at first I was stunned but I agreed and he removed it, telling me it feels so much better to be free. I marveled at his hairy cock and balls. I wanted to suck it so badly, I massaged down to his pubic hair, every now and then touching his shaft, as he moaned.

I then plucked the courage and I started to touch his balls, he asked me what I was doing and I said it was part of the massage, he said no to me at first and then closed his eyes. I then moved down again and touched him, this time he moaned and his cock was starting to move.

I knew I had him, so I stroked his hairy balls, he spread his legs and he moaned loudly as I stroked, my hands held his now hard cock, his eyes was open and he asked me if I wanted his cock. I said yes and my mouth closed over it, sucking his head as he moaned loudly. Now I know why he was nick named bradthehead.

in no time I was deep throathing him, licking the juices out of him, making noises as I blew this God.

I took his balls in my mouth sucking and licking each one. As he lay on the floor I sucked him from head to toe even as far as to rim him.

With his cock rock hard, he told me to sit on his cock, so I stripped and sat on him, it was sore but he felt good as he eased in me without a condom. He thrusted slowly and then harder calling me names as he fucked me.

I had to take his jocks and stuff my mouth to hide the pain. he turned me over and climbed me, calling me his moffie as he fucked me. He fucked till he came in me

After he released he put his cock in my mouth and asked me to clean it.....

I spent the night in his arms and to this day he fucks me , these days in the office when everyone leaves and sometimes in the day he calls me in, locks the door and makes me blow him...