23 Dec 2018

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One friday I get a call from my sexy fem friend Beverly asking me if I would like to come over saterday to watch a game boks playing france I reply shur Bev says mommy will be home but plans to go out later we can set our plan up so as she does not get suspicious about us Saterday I arrive about one I meet Ann Bevs wife very friendly and out going blond nice figure she was wearing shorts and a tank top Bev come out and introduces us as old buddies from the office were he had worked before starting his business I noticed Ann watching me in a friendly way she tells Bev were was he hiding me as she starts flirting with me I notice Bev getting anxious as I start playing the game with Ann we chat awhile Ann says she must be off to gym hope to see me later after the game and she will make us a bite to eat when she gets Back and leaves as soon as she has left Bev comes over to me and we make out he straddles my lap facing me my cock is already getting hard through my jeans he lifts himself and pull down my zip freeing my cock and settles back humping my cock as he holds onto my shoulders I feel that he hasent any underpants on he climes of pulling his pants off and claiming back on this time I Put my cock against his hole but Bev is so existed he does not relax I can't wait any longer and push hard I feel my cock head enter Bev gasps with pain this does not last as I slide my cock deeper his pain turns to pleasure Bev starts riding my cock as if there is no tomorrow I calm him down and we go slower I feel his muscles grab my cock he tells me to stop pumping he starts milking my cock with his arse muscles I shoot my load Bev hugs me and we kiss as I fill my bitch with my cum to be continued

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