12 Oct 2018

Meeting Ben not his real name was a start of a sexy exciting relationship read my story the second time how we met I started seeing him her on a regular basis whenever I wanted relief or my girlfriend was not available I would give him a call and he will set up a time He asked me to call him Beverly his fem name as he saw me as his master figure I obliged he would meet me at the door normally dressed in some sexy panties or dress I enjoyed the attention I would get she would always want to please me bring me a beer or make Coffey treat me to fantastic foreplay sucking my nipples jerking me off sometimes teasing me with her ass waiting on me hand and foot I get more attention from her than my girlfriend never has a headache always ready to please me .We enjoyed great sex.I would come to his house and have a shower Berverly would soap me up I normally would fuck him and he would towel me off we would then go relax on the bed .this went on for about six months.One day Beverly said wifey would be home as she was taking leave for two weeks.I told him it was a pity I wont see him in that time he He sounded very excited and he had a plan he would tell her I was a client and we were friends and I could still go for Coffey some time I agreed we could book into a hotel and still enjoy some sexy time this was a start of a very interesting time to continue