Written by Jacqls

17 May 2019

The night did not end as I was hoping. I realized I was quite drunk and that I was perhaps thinking with my dick rather than head. The encounter was over before it even started as the boyfriend of the young guy found him, a furious conversation started which I could not hear for all the noise going on. Dejected but strangely exhilarated I went back to my friends, my semi-hard on a constant reminder of my encounter.

An hour later staggering out of the joint, feeling daring I went into the parking area at the curio shop to take a piss, and who do I find sitting in the dark appearing to be crying, die einste jong mannetjie. At this point I was quite pissed and full of dare and sympathy, I walked over and asked him what the matter was, and noticed that he himself was quite pissed, but with a tear streaked face he told me that he had a fight with his boyfriend. Now very concerned as only drunk people could be, I sat down and put an arm around his shoulders pulling him slightly into me – ek kon my horing voel groei even in my drunken state. But Andy, he introduced himself- was sad, he was fucking balling! Iewers gedurende die gehuil en gekla gee ek hom my nom, nul agt een twee agt nege een nul vyf nege gee hy my a missed call, vomited and continued crying. I left.

About ten days later my whatsapp pinged, unknown number “Hi its Andy, remember me? The big baby.” And so we started chatting. After a few days of very early morning, lunch time and late night messaging we agree to meet. Windhoek is fucking tiny, it would take a lot of organizing. I am married, he has a boyfriend. He asked me to shave my cock, he would shave his ( the reason given on why I had to shave my cock will only distract from the story). I rented a car, had to meet him on his early morning jog at the SPCA. Wednesday morning 06h15 ‘on my way to the North’, full of anticipation, no underpants, loose fitting pants, fucking pulsing cock, dry mouthed hammering heart, I cruised towards the entrance of the SPCA, jogging on the spot, a gorgeous ( I am so fucking straight calling a man gorgeous still makes me uncomfortable), but he was sexy, his long smoothly shaven legs endless in its tiny jogging shorts. Furtively looking around he jumped in. I could hardly speak, nervous as hell. “ Hi, you came’, in a normal manly voice. Fuck, what did I get myself into, I kept on thinking as I picked up speed passed state house. These thoughts disappeared as he started to make small talk, “we have very little time, where are we going”, my eyes creeping towards his crotch, and fuck one smooth ball was slightly protruding from his shorts. He can’t be wearing underpants I thought, and had to restrain myself from reaching out. He saw me looking, gave a startlingly high nervous giggle, took my hand and placed it on his dick. Man at this point all I wanted to do was getting it in there. I could imagine his tight boy pussy, puckered and waiting. Touching my left nipple through my shirt while unzipping my pants, my cock literally jumped out…’hhhmmmm you shaved – god you are sooo biiiggg’ he enthused, as he leaned over and made me loose my grip on his cock I have not seen yet. His full, almost feminine lips, slid over my cock, my breath caught in my chest, my hips bucked upward as I try to get my cock down his throat, my left elbow firmly on his head a s I pushed him down hard on my throbbing piel.

“Suig my, fuck yes boy” I moaned trying to keep the car straight. By now we are on our way toward the Luiperdsvalei roadblock. I try to open my legs wider, very difficult. I want everything now, I don’t know if I would have this chance again. I’m so fucking horny and the roadblock is coming up fast, “ yes baby suck my cock, fuck boy, finger my asshole”, I moan as he tries to get a finger into my ass. Too early for the policeman who is still sleeping or having coffee, did not stop to ask, we pass the road block and turn off at Heros Acre. A hundred meters down the road I come to hard stop “get out!” I demand, and pulled him over my seat, his head hanging out the door as I bent my knees and enter his mouth, “give me some teeth”, I demand feeling him slide his teeth lightly down my shaft as I start thumping him, huh huh huhm huhm sounds escaping from him spurring me on, his own cock bobbing inside his pants I could not keep my eyes off it. I roughly pulled him out, “daddy slow down”, he squeals as he comes to stand against me his hard cock pressing against mine. He wants to kiss me, I am not ready for kissing a man yet, instead I drop to my haunches, pull down his shorts, his shaven young veiny cock, a massive 17-18 centre meters long but not thick, supported by a tight prune sack of balls, a bulbous purple head glistening with precum, I could not imagine that a man could get this wet, but he was virtually dripping, his foreskin wrapped tightly around that bulbous head, as I peeeeeeellll that foreskin back and jesus, the first taste of a man’s cock in my mouth,;…smooth steel! Both hands gripping that tight bubble butt, I pulled him into my mouth, my fingers sliding up his ass crack searching for that gloryhole, finding it with a shock, he already lubed up. My own cock was starting to ache, I pulled my mouth off his gorgeous and generous cock, spun him around, forced his legs open, in my haste dropping the condom, getting anther one almost tearing it on half trying to open it with my teeth while at the same time sliding a finger into his literally warm anus. “ wait daddy, not so fast, some foreplay, julle straight ouens kom te vinning’, too late, I could not contain myself, gripping my cock at the base pushing his warm smooth cheeks open I almost punched my cock into his man pussy, “ slow down slow down, be gentle” as he pushed back against my cock. And then I was in!! Its more in the head than in the cock, as I felt an initial clenching of his o ring and I was in, pumping away furiously standing straight up, my right hand gripping his nipple,, then his short hair exposing his throat as I lean in and bite the side of his neck, my left hand massaging his long hard cock. ‘ I…want…you.. to…drink…me’, I managed through clenched teeth, and in less than a minute my ass clenched, my balls pulled up, ripping my cock out, almost tearing my own foreskin off, I pulled off the condom as he turns around open his mouth engulfed the entire length as I let rip with a deafening roar as I empty my entire sack in gulfs of cum into is throat…..