Written by willing to try again

19 May 2016

Was on the site for a while and chatted to one of the guys, and started chatting privately for a while, one day he was in the area and me sitting in the office board, he told me he needed to piss me feeling horny and naughty invited him over to the office.

He arrived and I told him on chat where the bathrooms were and rushed to meet him there, as I walked in he was already there standing at the crip, I walked up behind him and saw him just finishing up.

As he turned around I rubbed my hand over the front of his pants, seeing that he was semi hard, I looked at him and entered one of the stalls and he followed, closed the door, I sat down on the toilet with him standing in front of me loosening his pants and taking out his cock, Fuck it looked good I took his cock in my mouth and stated sucking on it, he pushed my head towards him, I could feel his cock deep in my mouth, loved every moment of it.

As he was about to cum he was not sure if he would pull out or stay in my mouth so I took my hands around him tight ass and pulled him towards me, and he exploded in my mouth.

The sweet taste of his cum lingered in my mouth, he stool there watching me as I shot my load of cum over the bathroom floor, we cleaned up and he left.

Have been chatting to him ever since and tailing about what we wanna do, but that memory of that day makes me hard and dripping every time.