16 Sep 2016

I grew up in a rural area on the west coast. Its quite common to hitch hike from place to place and actually quite safe Atleast if you are a guy.

I was busy late in town one day and missed the last taxi out so I went to the hiking spot and threw my thumb up at passing cars . It was winter and it was starting to get dark . I wasn't concerned though but really wanted to get home . I probably wasn't standing for 10 mins when a bakkie pulled over a few meteres from me. I sprinted over , told him where I'm going and he told me to hop in . I was so happy to for the warmth from the AC .

This guy was quite something to look at not very attractive in the face but from the bulging muscles he was built like rugby player very hairy and he had quite a thick but well maintained beard , big hands and probably a size 13 foot... He looked like he was in his 40s

We exchanged some small talk as courtesy , nothing serious . He didn't seem to rushed to get anywhere since he was cruising at quite a chilled pace of 80kms . It didn't bother me Atleast I was getting home and I got to sneak a peek now and again at the hot specimen.

He must've noticed me checking him out , because he started tugging at his crotch .... If it was just once I understand , but he went at it as if to get my attention when he did he basically started rubbing himself in front me .... All the time in complete silence just the sound of the bakkies engine ..... This got me very excited but nervous but excited.

I noticed through the shorts he was wearing that he was getting hard .... As he was rubbing his cock he would look over at me with his blue eyes with a wicked smile on his face . I started rubbing myself up to .....

This got him quite excited because his dick which seemed very huge and hard was straining against those shorts he was wearing .....

I tell him I live alone he can come over to my place if he wants ..... He declines the offer . . . instead he suggests his place on his farm ....

His a local wheat farmer , He stays 40kms from where I'm suppose to get off .

I start rubbing his cock through his pants he seems to enjoy the the attention I'm giving his cock. I start to unzip his his shorts releasing his cock which by now is rock hard and amazingly huge. Its about 20 cm long and and very thick with a bulbous purple head . I start sucking him while his driving and he just fuckin loves it. At this point his basically breaking the speed limit trying to get to his place because he wants to fuck my young 21 year old brown ass pussy.

We eventually arrive at his farm house , which I must say is actually quite big and very modern . We end up undressing as we walk to his front door by the time he opens the door I'm standing but naked ... As soon as the door closes behind us we go at each other like animals. He starts tongueing me with his hands on my ass .... In a sudden motion he picks me up I wrap my legs around him and he carries me to his room while kissing and biting me ..... We get to his room and he throws me on his bed .... He takes a few mins to kick off his shoes while watching me playing with my cock and showing him my tight boy hole .....

I get my legs bent onto my chest exposing my hairless hole and start to moan like a slut as he start sucking licking and fingering my tight hole till it becomes a slobbering mess .... I move around to suck his huge daddy cock and can hardly for the thing all the way down my throat but it doesn't stop me fro trying. His hard body feels so good against my lean body. We alternate between sucking and him rimming me for a bout an hour .... Then he positions me doggy style ass in the air and starts slapping his meaty cock against my now wet hungry ass pussy .... I can't contain my moaning it gets him very excited. Suddenly without much warning he shoves his huge man cock into me making me release a scream like I'm getting raped my incessant moaning and wincing seems to get his cock harder. He pounds away at me mercilessly and then turns me on my side without once taking his cock out ... Its as if its one with my ass pussy .... From the side he gets more access and seems go even deeper he fucks me hard and with deep strokes pulling all the way out and banging his cock back into me his huge arms wrapped around me so as not to escape from his clutches ..... He let's me swop positions again and this time I'm riding his cock I'm moaning and screaming because his soo deep I can feel him in my stomach I tried to get of his dick but he pinned me down and started power fucking me while I sat impaled on his huge white daddy cock ..... I'm moaning and moaning eventually after noticing my pain he eases up .... Lays me on my back gets between my legs and gets to pounding pounding the bed was shaking violently I laid back and tried to enjoy but this was clearly not about me enjoying it it was about pleasing him .... Eventually our long fuck session came to and end when he blew his huge load all over my face and ordered me to lick it up and clean my juices off his cock.

I slept over at his insistence and got fucked Thrice that night.

I became his little fuck buddy that day when ever I wasn't at college I would come to his place to relieve him .... It went like that for 2 years till I moved to cape town ....

I'm visiting him in two weeks feeling excited.