Written by Anyway_will_do

01 Feb 2013

I really needed some cock earlier so popped through to my local cruising spot. It's an adult store which has "viewing booths" at the back of the store. When you first walk in you're blinded by the dark while orgasmic screams emanate from the corner as some slut gets a massive cock up her ass on a big screen at full volume. Not for the faint hearted, the viewing area is a dark maize with a number of passages and about 10 cubicles. A raised platform with 3 doors in front of it each have glory holes behind them.

I walked past a couple of guys who weren't that forthcoming and make out a shape on top of the platform behind the glory holes. I really wanted to suck some cock so went through one of the doors and felt my way to the glory hole. After a bit of searching I found a cock on the other side, nice and hard, shaved and about 8 inches. I ran my tongue around the tip before I put my mouth around it. With my lips around the head I sucked it softly as my tongue darted around the tip. After a while I released it and ran my tongue up and down his glorious shaft before taking both silky smooth balls into my mouth as my hand slowly tightened and tugged. I let go of the sack and explored the length of the erect cock with my tongue and then slowly took it all in my mouth until I had it all the way in. All I could hear was screams from the TV but I could feel his groans as he started to thrust his cock into my mouth a bit harder.

Suddenly, as I pulled my mouth off the cock, it pulled away and a mouth appeared. Without any words it latched on to mine. After some intense tongue work he asked if I wanted to go to a cubicle. We met outside the door and he led me to a cubicle I hadn't been in before. It was quite a big one with a bench in it the size of a single bed. We held each other tight and carried on with the tongue action while I took his cock out and held it in my hand with mine as he slowly thrust it in. He took his mouth away and bent down to have a taste of my cock, not rushed just nice and soft and slow. As he cradled my balls I widened my stance and gestured for him to play with my love hole which he did. After a while he stood up and leant on me to sit me down on the bench. He asked me if I wanted his cock in my ass but I said it was to big ….. Pity.

He started getting undressed and seeing that the door was latched I followed suit. This was the first time I'd been totally naked in here. I remained seated, perfect height to take his beautiful cock in my mouth while I stroked his balls. After a while he took his cock out and told me to lie down as he knelt on the floor. I lay back and he started to suck my cock again. He was really good. I asked him to play with my fuck hole again, expecting some light finger work. Free of my clothes I spread my legs, my feet in the air as I lay back. He started exploring my cock with his tongue, down to my balls and then as he held my ass cheeks open with each hand his tongue started exploring my fuck hole, softly around the edge at first and then all of a sudden he shoved his whole tongue inside. I love rimming but this is this first time it's ever been done to me. His cock may have been too big for my tight fuck hole but I felt like I had a cock in me the way he darted his tongue in and out. He slid a finger in and pressing on my prostrate carried on with his tongue before it made its way up my balls, along my shaft and he took my cock in his mouth again. I've never been pleasured like this by a guy before and it wasn't long before I had to cum. I told him I was coming and he pressed hard with his finger and tight with his mouth as I shot why load. He took it all in and sucked my cock softly until it went soft.

I was feeling shaky but had to return the favour. I sat up and took his cock in my mouth again. I reached up and squeezed his nipples as he fucked my mouth with his hands holding my head. He only lasted about 30 seconds before he shot his load. I don't think he'd cum in a while, my mouth was full of his warm jiz. I swallowed it and sucked him dry.

He said it was awesome and gave me a kiss before we both got dressed. I'm glad he enjoyed it too, this was probably my best visit and one that I'll remember for a while.