08 Jan 2017

I met the doctor, the first time, 2 years back when I had a kidney issue. He walked into the ward and his presence was amazing, the nurses all swooned when he entered.

He came around and met me, introduced himself and I was dumbfounded, my parents had to answer most questions. I was taken away by his pure masculinity and sexiness, all typical of a greek hunk.

Anyways he seen to me, treated me and I left the hospital with fantasies of him.....

Fast forward 2 years later and I had a chance meeting with him at a party. I seen him from a distance and I was, at first, shy, then I went over and introduced myself and reminded him that he treated me, guess he treats a lot of people because he vaguely remembered me.

We chatted quite a bit that night, I told him of my dreams of being a doctor and he gave me advice, spoke about his family and kids, and I was in awe of him.

As the night progressed he had more drinks and I had a few, it was time to leave and I told him I was going to phone for an uber, he said he will drop me off as it is on his way.

I jumped into his car and he sped off, whilst driving he asked if I was in a hurry to get home and we could go for drinks to his place, his family was away and he had to work. I told him I don't have an issue and we drove to his house, his house was amazing. He told me about the pressures of his job and family etc.

I felt a connection with him and then disclosed to him that I was secretely gay. He seemed surprised but he was ok with it, and told me he has a lot of gay friends.

After a bit of time, I needed to use the toilet, so he asked me to use his ensuite as the guest toilet needed repairs. when I got to his toilet, some of his clothes was lying on the floor, I closed the door, locked it and picked up his jocks, I smelt it especially the crotch part and inhaled his manly scent.

I peed, and then put his undies into my pocked, I was going to keep it.

we chatted more, and after a few drinks he started to ask me about my lifestyle, I told him I only ever been with one guy, a cousin of mine but I do have fantasies.

He was sitting on the couch with his shoes off and his legs spread and I asked him if he wanted a foot massage. At first he declined but then he agreed and I went down and started to massage his feet. I removed his socks and his feet was soft and well shaped and well cared for. He moaned slightly as I massaged.

I seen him close his eyes and I was tempted to kiss his feet....