Written by justbrent

21 Dec 2016

I have had a fantasy for a few days now that has been driving me crazy every time I think about it so I thought I would share it..

I had been chatting with a gay couple guy online for a few days and I told them how I was bi curious and was asking questions and talking out being with another guy and m2m sex ect. Some of the chats got quite hot and all round was quite fun so they invited me round for a drink one afternoon.. nothing intended just to have a chat like we had online and a drink or two.

I went over to their place but was still rather nervous. As soon as I met them it all evaporated and soon we were chatting like we had been online and we were joking and having a few drinks. It was a hot summer afternoon and soon we were all in the pool. I had just jumped in in my shorts and I was surprised the other two just pulled off everything and were in the water stark naked! We had all had a few drinks by then and it didn’t take long for them to convince me there was nothing to hide and the shorts came off.

At this stage I was really starting to feel rather horny and couldn’t seem to keep my eyes off both their bodies. In my slightly drunken state I didn’t notice I had started to get rather hard.. well that was very quickly noticed and they were both laughing and saying 'looks like someone needs to have their guy on guy cherry popped!!'

Before I knew it we were on the shady grass next to the pool and I had one guy sucking me while the other was behind me caressing my ass and back. I so badly wanted to try sucking some cock myself at this stage so I pushed the guy sucking me back and bent over and started sucking him in return. His partner quickly saw his opportunity with my ass in the air and started to kiss then finally lick around my asshole.. I got a bit of a fright feeling a tongue between my cheeks all of a sudden out of nowhere and started to get up but my head was quickly pushed back down onto the nice hard cock and soon I had it back in my mouth and he was beginning to moan with pleasure as I was sucking which really got me going. It was really amazing to finally have a fantasy become a reality like this and I had let go all inhibitions and was REALLY was enjoying sucking him!

I was getting so turned on and horny and was so enjoying myself that I had hardly noticed his partner had switched from tongue to fingers and was now gently fingering my ass. It was an absolutely amazing feeling and before long I had definitely started to notice and was moaning myself a little. He had gotten to about three fingers in and I was now very turned on when they looked at each other and nodded and smiled and the one I'd been sucking said 'how bout you slide up here and let me see how it feels inside you' I was in such a state of horniness I didn’t think twice. I moved up and let him guide his hard cock up and into my ass. It felt a little strange and a bit uncomfortable at first but he was slow and gentle and his partners fingers had done a good job so pretty soon it felt comfortable enough that I started slowly riding him.

However much to my disappointment after one or two good deep thrusts I heard him let out a big moan and felt his cock twitching and realise he had cum.. Inside me!

It was a bit of a shock and at the same time a little disappointment as I was starting to enjoy things but he pulled out and pulled me close and whispered don’t worry I was just getting you ready.

Little did I know he had gotten me just in the right place with my ass in the air and his partner took his opportunity and quickly slipped his nice hard cock into me! I was a little surprised as it slid so quickly and easily in and I realised his partners cum had lubed me up nicely and even though he was a bit bigger and thicker he slipped easily into me without any trouble or discomfort. Soon was thrusting fast and deep into me and going a really good job!! It was the most amazing sensation. Knowing I had another mans hard cock inside me and feeling each thrust like an explosion of pleasure. I was in a hazy blur of pleasure like nothing I had ever experienced. I dont know how long we went at it but slowly I felt a building up of pressure like I was going to cum and my legs went like jelly and I started moaning for him to go faster and without warning out of nowhere I came and shot a huge load of cum all over his partner underneath me. As I was cumming I couldn’t help squeezing down hard on the cock inside me and within a few minutes I heard a moan and for the second time that night I felt the spasming of a cock inside me as again I was being filled up with cum.

My legs were like total jelly at this stage and I rolled over on the grass and we all lay there catching our breath in the afterglow of sex. When we had all caught our breath and had grabbed another drink they laughed and started asking 'so how was that for a first time' . It was without a doubt the most amazing sexual experience I had ever had and I couldn’t help just saying wow wow wow as I simply couldnt find anything else to say!

By then my senses had started coming back to normal and I realised I was standing there in the nude with two other guys cum seeping out of me and running down my leg! It was so hot that straight away I felt all hot and horny again!

It didnt go unnoticed and the guy that had first gotten me going came over and said 'how bout I do a proper job this time '

I didnt have to be asked twice and quickly was bent over some garden furniture with my cheeks spread and waiting. Feeling him slip into me for the second time was absolutely amazing and this time he did a proper job on me. Pretty soon they had both had a second round and when they were done they both took turns sucking me until I came too!

It was totally amazing and afterwards we showered together and I went off home with a promise to definitely do it a gain soon. The most amazing thing was as I drove home even though I was tired an a little saddle sore I could still feel the wetness from the four loads I had taken seeping out and I felt horny all over again!