Written by Anonymous

First Time
21 Jul 2019


I’m feeling lonely and not too sure how to go about finding that someone special to connect with. I don’t feel comfortable with large groups of people, so I rarely go out to places or events where I might meet a woman that shares similar tastes and common interests. So I’ve decided to try browsing online, just to get an idea of who, like me may be searching for that “one”. During my searching I stumbled onto your profile and I’ve been hooked every since. You are both attractive and interesting. A combination that’s rare.

I’m afraid of failure and rejection which makes me quite a little anxious to contact you. But as they say “nothing ventured, nothing gained “so I will persevere and overcome for the chance to get together with you.

So receiving your reply and the interest you’ve expressed is the highlight of my year! Now all I need is to make a good impression and convince you to go out with me. The very idea of meeting or being near you turns me on The kind of excited that a young boy waking up on his birthday feels. Except YOU are the present I’d like to unwrap and play with.

MY FANTASY (with you)

Pushing aside all nerves and self doubt, I take the risk and send you an invite for coffee at Deer Park Café. Our first meet just to break the ice and hopefully get to know each other on a much more intimate level. I’m not big on pretence or hidden agendas, so I’m letting you know upfront that my agenda is to scoop you up, seduce you and fuck your brains out. But I will behave myself, act like a gentleman and be as patient as you need me to be.

Chapter 2 (meeting)

Its a sunny winter afternoon when I arrive at the Café, early so as to be sure to get us a cosy, intimate table and to settle my nerves. I see you appear at the entrance, scanning the room so I make my way over to greet you and lead you to the spot I’ve chosen for us. I can’t help but gaze and smile because you’re even sexier in person than online. I lean forward, take your hand in mine and place a gentle kiss on your cheek, then escort you to our table. My hearts racing as all my feel good chemicals begin running rampant causing all sorts of pleasant reactions through my body. I just hope It’s not too obvious. I don’t want to come across as needy or desperate.

As we get seated everything I had planned to say becomes a big blank. My brain is scrambling to regroup so I’m very relieved when you begin the conversation. I’m trying to focus and listen to your words but find myself mesmerised by your lips and the way your face lights up as you smile.

Chapter 3

as we talk I cant help but be amazed at how effortlessly our conversation flows with genuine laughter. You exude this raw sensuality that I find irresistible and intoxicating.

your flirting is turning me on in a big way. So much so that my cocks rock hard and pressing against my jeans, making life a little uncomfortable down there. I hope its not obvious as I stick my hand into my pants to move things around in an effort to relieve the tension. I suspect you’re aware of my predicament and relishing every second. You’ve got this look in your eyes, a naughtiness and raw sexuality that needs to be unbridled and released.

As you sip your coffee I move my hand under the table towards your knee, being as cautious and discreet so as not to draw any unwanted attention. As my hand comes to rest on your leg I feel you jolt and stiffen for a split second before relaxing and opening slightly, inviting me to continue my exploration.

I slide my hand up the inside of your thigh touching the soft velvet like skin, inch by inch, parting your legs just enough to let my hand all the way up, softly caressing your panties with the palm of my hand, brushing purposely brushing over your clit, to tease you, to feel you get moist, gyrating your hips ever so slightly, moving your body forward to meet my touch, inviting and wanting more. I slip one finger under the elastic seam of our undies and slide it between the warm, wet folds of your outer lips, pushing my finger deep into your pussy, effortlessly as you respond, beckoning more. You let out a small gasp as I start to move my fingers upwards, lubricated with your sweet juices parting the tender folds of skin to open your pussy fully, finding your tiny clit, already swollen and wanting more.