Written by Anonymous

First Time
12 Apr 2019

" Do you like oral sex? Receiving it?"

The Whatsapp "..typing..." indicates briefly.

"I love it!" you shoot back.

I asked because in the two weeks since we have become lovers we haven't gone there yet. The passion has been intense and the hungry undressing has been foreplay enough. On the one playful occasion when I put my face against your panty covered mound, you giggled and pushed me away. All part of the jest but it left me uncertain.

"I love it too," I typed absolutely truthfully, breathing a little more heavily at my desk. "mmm, I'll see you later."

When I arrive at yours that evening, we both know what is on the menu. Making it conscious like this has turned out to heighten the eroticism no end. After an hour of chatting, giggling and a some wine, you snuggle up to me in that way which manages to be both demure and insistent. Your restraint betrayed by the hunger of feeling our bodies pushing together.

From the start our kissing was sensational. Always starting slowly, the tips of our tongues lightly dancing against each other. Graceful, refined and guaranteed to send energy pulsing down through my body. And it appears, yours.

But we both know what we want tonight, so I start moving down to you neck. The light cotton dress you are wearing allows for me to slip a strap off your toned and yet so soft shoulder. I kiss the front of your shoulder and cup your warm round breast with my hand. The other strap is removed and I pull the top of your dress down and uncover your breasts. I can't resist licking your small oh so pink nipples, but I've been thinking of wetter places all day.

You have been too and practically start pushing my shoulders further down. The kisses and little licks on your belly seem almost like a formality and I find my face in front of your silky pubic hair within seconds.

Your heavy breathing has turned into soft little moans, and I can see what is happening is arousing you intensely. You really do love this.

Your legs are only the slightest bit apart, and I start to nibble and tongue the crease between your mound and upper thigh. One side, and then the other. By now I have decided to slow things down and relish, yes relish, this divine act. I move back to the first side and part your legs a little more with my hands. I can now get my mouth to close over the top part of your outer lips, gently nibbling on the exquisitely formed soft flesh. Keeping my teeth well out of the way, and avoiding contact with your clit for now. I inhale your beautiful scent and it intoxicates me. I want more and more.

Your pelvis already starts curling upwards seeking more contact. Your fingers in my hair are alive. I move to the other side and massage the front parts of your vulva with my mouth, tongue occasionally giving a little lick here and there.

I kneel up and lift your one leg over my head. I slide in between your legs and centre myself with your body. With a truly beautiful pussy, starting to open with evident wetness.

Making sure my tongue is very wet with saliva, I gently run it from the bottom of your slit, over the opening and take a detour around your clit. and back down, And again, a little harder this time. And again, and this time your opening seems to suck my tongue into velvet warmth. I pull out and push in further And again, until my tongue is fucking your opening.

Your are beside yourself, moaning loudly now, panting and calling my name, pulling my head in to your body. Your pleasure turn me on like nothing on earth.

I move upwards again, this time running my tongue over your clit. Circling it. more and more intensely and urgently as your body seems to demand. I put my lips over it and suck it gently. Then go back to a rhythm, of insistent circular licks. I can feel that is what you want now and I carry on. Your hips are bucking now and you are practically grinding yourself into my face. Only now do I slip a finger into what is by now the most receptive and wet pussy I have ever felt. I push up against the wall behind your pubic bone with slow circular motions.

You call my name one last time and gasp. I feel your opening clench on my finger and your body start shuddering. I ease up on your clit, not too suddenly, but quickly enough to allow you to soar on obvious waves of pleasure.

After 10 wordless seconds, you pull my head up to yours with the strength of longing. As our mouths meet I slip into you. All the way.

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