First Time
26 Jul 2019

I tell you to wear a short dress no panties or bra, just the dress. I give you the address and tell you to meet me there at 12:00.

I arrive just before you and get a sit at a nice bench facing every one. When you arrive I tell you to sit next to me. By this time there are quite a few people in front of us. I recognize a few and we start chatting, while we chat I start rubbing your leg and get very close to your pussy, I can feel the heat from it. I get up and approach a lady I know and say something to her, she gets up and sits on your left. We both start rubbing your leg spreading them nice and wide so everyone can see your pussy, it's getting wetter by the second. Lyn then lifts your dress over your head and starts sucking a nipple. I follow and suck the other one while she's sucking your nipples she starts fingering you. You shudder as she plays with your clit. There's now 5 guys and 3 women watching you, Sam comes to me and takes my place, you now have to women sucking your nipples and Lyn have two fingers fucking you. Lyn takes your hand and guides you to the low table and lays you on it. She then gets between your legs and licks and sucks you very wet pussy, it takes seconds for you to cum. She calls me and says she wants to see my cock inside you. I line up and slide straight in, while I fuck you she rubs your clit. Sam calls her husband over and you play with his cock as she carries on sucking your nipples. You are soon shaking as you cum over and over. Lyn moves me out the way and tells Sam to taste your pussy. Soon I see her tongue fucking you, she moves everyone out the way and does a 69 on you you pull her pussy closer and start sucking and licking her till you both cum. Sam calls her husband and me over and tells me you fuck you while her husband fucks her, still in the 69 you watch as her husband's cock slides into her and start playing with his balls and her pussy as we fuck you both.

Soon you are both spent and Sam gets off. She lines up Lyn, yourself and her on the bench kneeling side by side and says guys here we are have fun soon all five the guys and myself are taking turns fucking each one of you. After a while we are all hot and sweaty so we all go jump in the jacuzzi.

But that's another story ?