Written by Anonymous

First Time
25 Jul 2019

So here's the quick version - When i was 9 months pregnant in October last year, dave invited 2 bbc's over. he tied me up in the bathroom, blindfolded me, and then recorded as they fucked me... i didn't know it wasn't him until he told the one guy to stick it in my ass... wow, what a shock!! but fuck me did it turn me on like crazy! couldnt stop squirting!

The longer version will drive you as wild and wet as it did me, I promise you!

I had just crossed the nine month mark! Hormones were driving me crazy, and apart from being hungry and cranky 90% of the time, I was HORNY AS FUCK! And craving strange and kinky things!

Hubby suggested we try a hotel room for a change of scenery, and so on the Friday evening, we booked ourselves in on the spur of the moment!

We had sundowners at the pool bar, and stayed and drank till midnight... Hubby's phone rang... he told me to go get some champagne for the room and 4 glasses. I didn't think anything of it at the time.

Once up at the room, we went at it from the moment the key card clicked against the lock. We were barely inside, and my tits were out and my skirt lifted above my hips, with his hand pulling my g string to the side, and his fingers exploring my wetness! I swear I saw a shocked old lady gasping as she walked past the slow closing door, peering inside as Dave threw me onto the bed.

He swung me over, and pulled my arms behind my back. Wrapping my hands around his throbbing hard cock, he pulled at his belt, whipping it off against the bed beside me... He pulled my arms toward him, and tightened his belt around my wrists. Pulling it tightly, he whispered in my ear "get on your knees! daddy has something to show you!"... I did as he told me.

He grabbed my hair, pulled my head forward, and jammed his hard cock into my gasping mouth! Hubby is quite long, and amazingly thick! My lips were tightly wrapped around his thick shaft, when he suddenly pulled me deeper, stretching my jaw till it ached, the head of his cock lodged firmly down my throat. He held me there, till I couldn't take it any longer, and pulled out, making me gasp for air. At that moment, he thrust his cock deep down my throat again, making me gag and choke! Just as I was about to pass out, he pulled out, lifted me off the ground and held me against his body. He swung me around, and reached for my bag. He pulled out my scarf, and tied it firmly around my face, blindfolding me… so tight that all I could see were the little stars and burst of colour in the darkness from the pressure against my eyes.

“Your knees!” he said, softly yet strict in tone. I obeyed. He began to play with my wide spread pussy, making me drip on the hotel carpet. As he was about to lick me from head to toe, a knock at the door startled us both. “hold on,” he said… “probably room service for the champagne”.

Some muttering in the distance, then the door closed with a thud. “All ok?” I asked. “All good,” he replied…

His fingers then went back to my now pulsating, swollen clit… He pulled my hair again, this time hard, jerking my head fully back, my face now toward the ceiling. Still tightly blindfolded, I felt his warm thighs straddle my head… his cock pressed against my cheek… “put it in,” he said… I tried to move my arms, but they were firmly tied behind me… “I can’t,” I started to say, interrupted by his cock entering my mouth… He began to thrust, in and out, but gentlier than before… Then it hit me, how is his cock in my mouth from above, but his hand now fisting my wet, tight pussy?? Maybe he was bent over, I thought…

He popped his cock out of my mouth… “I want more,” I sighed… “you never went deep enough!”… He didn’t say a word. Grabbing my head from behind, he pushed me onto all fours… “say ahhhh,” he commanded, and pushed as deep as my mouth would allow… Somethng was different… he seemed longer… still thick, but not as thick at the base of his shaft as he usually is… Then I heard the words that would send me into a squirting frenzy… “stick it in her ass!”… HUH??!! What? Who???

And quicker than I could get my thoughts together, I felt a numbingly cold squirt of lube rush down between my ass cheeks and down my asshole and pussy… Followed by a gentle push, and then feeling him fully slide into me… And then into my mouth!!?? WHAT THE FUCK!!??? Two cocks??? I tried to scream with shock, but couldn’t get it out with this cock firmly stuffed down my esophagus.

“You like?,” he asked. I tried to talk… “don’t,” he said… “let me show you!”… And with that, I felt a tug behind my head… The pressure released, and my eyes were free. “Open!,” he commanded… I opened my eyes… blurry at first from the scarf being so tight… but I could make out two figures… one dark, the other lighter, standing in front of me… “What’s happening…” I tried to say, mumbling in confusion as my eyes adjusted… And then I saw it…

[to be continued]