Written by Anonymous

First Time
13 May 2019

It's been years, no months, no my whole life actually, since I had multiple orgasms. In fact it's been such a long time since I felt desired, wanted or even sexy. As the wheels of my life came off, one by one, I felt devastated by how difficult it was to accept that my marriage failed and that I have lost everything that made life worthwhile...

Tasting the sweet aroma of the coffee on my lips, licking it slowly and savouring the moment of my alone time....I sat thinking that there must be more to life than this. I am a woman, strong and fierce, but broken and uncertain. Work consumes my daily living, my kids being teenagers, makes my life a challenge. I feel empty, like I need to be filled....and my mind wanders off to my fantasy world.....big hands grabbing my arse, squeezing my bum and lips kissing me, seeking mine with a deep passion. My body pushed up against the wall, my legs being parted as he makes his way between my thighs....touching my wetness...while a loud moan escape my mouth...gosh...how I would long to have that, pure lust and excitement. The message on my phone brings me back to reality, time to go home.

Then I sat bored one day at home, browsing the internet and looking for something or someone...went onto Tinder...boring and pretentious people on there. I smiled deviously and typed in....porn woman like...and there it was, hot , passionate deep penetrating fucking...just what I needed. I sat watching as he proceeded to lick her pussy, she obviously enjoying every moment..my hand snuck down my leg....into my panties and I felt my own wetness. Oh how I need to get laid and soon. I needed to be filled with cock, a decent hard cock...until I climax screaming with pleasure..I slowly made little circles around my clit, moving my hips slowly into rhythm while my eyes are fixed on his sexy muscular ass, pounding her pussy, I can almost feel it, start moving my fingers faster over my clit, slipping two fingers inside, oh gosh how good it must feel, and then it happens, I cry...a deep muffled cry, but a cry of pleasure at my own hands. The wave of the climax crushes over my body, I tremble and squeeze my legs together to enhance the glorious orgasm.

It felt good, but left me wanting more, desperately wanting to be fucked like a little cumslut, to be desired and used but given the ultimate pleasure at the same time. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a journey that would change my world as I know it, completely transforming me into a MILF, a cougar, call it what you may, leading me to become the sex goddess I was always meant to be..

To be continued......