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How my voyuerism started final Joanne

Voyeur first time


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So as you now know Joanne caught me watching but never did anything just let me carry on, and she also carried on. Then told me "Hope you enjoyed the show, maybe we can get together some day" I never saw her for a long time and she never came back to Mr Davis office. About 5 years past and I was sitting in the local wimpy having breakfast when Joanne walks in. I immediately recognised her still the stunning drummy figure and call her over. She sits down and we chat. I find out she's married. And has a 2 year old daughter. We end up talking about the day of Mr Davis office. She tells me a friend of hers told her he was the best she ever had and she should just go to the school give him a BJ and he will do the rest. That's what she did, she never thought I would be watching, she saw me when she was on her back being muffed by Mr Davis and it was a huge turn on for her. She also told me she moved on the desk so I could get a better look (what a thoughtful person). We chatted for a while and I told her I always had a crush on her. We went our separate ways. A week or two later I saw her in the local supermarket and she said there was rugby at the school on Saturday I must come and I can meet her husband and daughter. (I wasn't that keen but went to see her). I met hubby And thought shit Joanne you could have done much better. Her daughter was beautiful. We chatted a while then she said we must go to the tuck shop. I said no it's ok I'm good. With the look she gave me I stood up and followed her. She took my hand and said she has a suprise for me. Hand in hand she lead me to Mr Davis office. We went in and she said go sit in Mr Davis chair. Which I did. She knelt between my legs and fished out my cock and started giving me on of the best BJs I've ever had. At one stage I thought she was going to suck my dick right off. I soon came and she didn't miss a beat she swollowed it all. She then undressed me before stripping down herself. She was still as stunning as she was the day I watched her. She sucked me again till I was nice and hard before laying on her back and telling me to lick her. I started slow and soon got carried away I had her rolling and shaking on the desk quit quickly. She came a few times then I stood up and just plunged my cock deep into her. We fucked like animals for a while until I filled her with my load. Once we dressed we walked a chatted she told me her hubby hasn't touched her in six months. I couldn't believe it here is an absolutely stunning women and he doesn't want her. I told her if she was my wife she wouldn't be able to walk most of the month. We got back to her hubby and realized we never went to the tuck shop. We told him we bumped into old school friends and just chatted. The day ended way to quickly. But we stayed in touch seeing each other once every two weeks or so. This carried on for about 3 years until they moved to Cape Town. What an amazing time in my life

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