First Time
15 Aug 2019

How it all started

When I was still a virgin, I was walking around the school bunking a few periods when I noticed some movement in a sports storeroom window. First I ducked out the way until I heard the distinct sound of a woman. I got closer and looked through the window. There was Mrs Holmes bent over the table and the PT teacher Mr Davis fucking her hard. I couldn't keep my eyes off them. I watched for what must have been 20 mins. While they changed position a few times. Until I heard Mrs Holmes say I'm cumming. It was a day I will never forget. However I soon made a point of checking that window on a regular basis. I saw Mrs Holmes and Mr Davis a few times and I was soon wanking while they where busy. Then out of the blue I saw Mr Davis and a new very young student teacher Miss Hogan go into the store room. I quickly made my way to the window in time to see her giving Mr Davis a BJ. This was the first time I had ever seen this. I watched until his legs wobbled and he came (now I know in her mouth). Next in one swift motion she was on the desk and her dress was around her waiste and Mr Davis' head between her legs. I couldn't see too much but I knew she was enjoying it. After that they left. Later that day I saw Mr Davis and Mrs Holmes in the room again. I thought this guy must be good. ( He was well built and at the time about 40). This time with Mrs Holmes he had her bent over the desk and was fucking her hard. This was also the first time they where positioned so I could see everything. I watched his cock pumping away in and out of her and her beautiful ass in the air.

For a while Mr Davis would have Mrs Holmes there during break and Miss Hogan after school. All my mates wanted to know where I disappeared to during break, I just told them I had extra lessons. ( I didn't want to share my fun) Then the unexpected happened. I was at the window waiting for Mr Davis and Miss Hogan to give me their show and Mr Davis was sitting at his desk (his back to me) when in walks Miss Hogan and another very sexy lady (never seen her before) they walk up to Mr Davis and strip him down, lay him on his back on the desk. Undress and the two of them start going to town on him. Sucking his cock and nipples etc. Soon Miss Hogan is riding his cock and the other lady is sitting on his face. They swap and do it all again. They must have been busy for an hour or two. I had soon cum a few times. I soon made it a daily routine to go past my window and see what Mr Davis was up to. He never disappointed. He fucked most of the female teachers. And a few students. But that's another story.

So now you know how I got into voyeurism.