First Time
03 Jul 2019

Fuck my life

Out drinking at a farewell party for a friend, so people have also invited other people

Hahaha funny how, all my stories Start with drinking hahaha

Anyway so we out drinking, socialising and having a proper time. A friend asks me what would be the best way to travel avoiding the highway, being the gentleman I am, I advise her to follow me and I'll lead the way...

Anyway we arrive and I'm saying my goodbyes. She asks me to come have 1 drink with them in the apartment and to meet her friend, I see nothing wrong with this..., I mean I'm tipsy right!!

Right, so we park, lock up and head in, meeting the friend lara she's welcoming and suggests vodka.

I pour myself a vodka and the ladies enjoy a glass of white wine.

I look around again and poof they gone, they in the bedroom full of giggles anyway, I pour a second double because hey... why not.

They return to the open plan and one has changed clothing asking me what I think... I'm like wow gorgeous... she then 0p€n$ her dress right down the front and my jaw drops... she says, I'm scared it opens like this when we out... I'm now staring at her pink panties and pink bra... the wow factor... no shame

They leave the room, I pour a 3rd drink and top the glasses up.

Then my friend says to lara, have you seen a cock as nice as this before....

Then asks me if it's okay, to show lara my cock... I'm tipsy so see nothing wrong with this :)

Lara looks and says wow...

Next min my friend says to lara, let me show you a magic trick and then asks me if she may..

I'm like feel free, next min bloop my dicks in her mouth and she's sucking away... lara kneeling next to her in front of me asks if she can try too... I'm like sure feel free.... looking down at two total beauties sucking my cock licking my ball's... me not knowing what to do with my hands.. do I rub there head's, hold there hair... fold my arm's put my hands on my hips... what do I do.

They arw totally gobbling my cock and I luv it faaark what a rush... I step back and push there head's together, they kiss, I step forward move head's back to the focus point.... they are up my shaft and my nuts have vanished...

I'm thinking reach for your phone video record this nobody's going to believe you, but then I remember, shit my jeans has been flung across the room already... oh plus I'm married can't afford to be in that type of situation....

Next min, my friend looks deep into my eye's and says FUCK HER!!!, without a second of though I ram my super hard dick right into her tight pink pussy, damn what a rush, I'm penetrating and sucking tits then hey what's that my friends rimming my arse hole faaark, I bust a nuuut so hard damn... like a first timer yoh!!!... they kiss again, I'm stumped... this just happened.

We leave my friend's mal with me for not fucking her to, so I follow her home and boom round two... before I rush home to act right...

What a night. What an experience... but hush, I can't share this with anyone... well until know SH my hero hahaha