Written by Anonymous

First Time
27 Feb 2019

As I close the door behind us and turn around he picks me up. I wrap my legs around him as he kisses me softly and gradually works his way down my neck. He lowers me onto the bed and I pull him closer with my legs. I can feel him so close to me, just a few layers of fabric between us. We push closer together as our lips and tongues slide across each other. He slowly kisses down my neck and pushes my dress strap off of my shoulder and kisses along behind it. He briefly returns to my lips as he removes the other strap and undoes my dress.

I feel myself getting hotter as he slides my dress up my legs and over my bum. His hands grab me and firmly massage both cheeks before his fingers ping my underwear and he continues to push my dress up. As it is over my head and my arms are raise he stops and explores my body with his hands. He slowly slides them down my body and starts kissing my stomach. His hands slowly stroke my legs as his lips work their way up my body and my dress slides off.

As he gets back to head level I start unbuttoning his shirt. I kiss down his neck and onto his chest as we roll over with me on top. I push it off of his shoulders as he takes it off and sits up. As we passionately kiss I start to grind on him and I feel him getting harder and myself getting wetter and more and more turned on.

He undoes my bra with one hand and throws it across the room. He tries to kiss my breasts but I push him down onto the bed as I get really horny (not that I wasn't before!). I kiss down his body as my fingers undo his belt. I undo his trousers and pull them off along with his socks. He's laying there in his black Hugo Boss boxer briefs with a distinct bulge trying to escape...

As I move back towards him he gets up and pushes my hair back as he kisses me hard. I lean into him and just want to be fucked. He pushes me down on the bed and kisses down my right side whilst his hand gently and firmly massages my left breast. His hand wanders south as he goes back to kissing me. It rests over my panties and I push myself into it he obliges all too briefly before it slides down the top of my thigh.

I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I need him inside me. It's a long time since I have been this turned on! His hand starts to come back up the inside of my thigh, stroking up and down, getting closer every time. Just as he gets there he moves to my other thigh and starts all over again. I'm getting frustrated but even more turned on. As he gets to the top this time, he stops kissing me and starts to rub my pussy. I let out an involuntary moan. He starts kissing my boobs, softly and gently now and then tugging on a nipple but not too hard. It feels really good and my nipples are so hard.

I am soooo wet now. I'm not sure my panties can take much more, his hand must be soaked. I start to pull them down and he quickly takes over. He puts my legs together up in the air and slides them all the way up and they join my bra somewhere on the other side of the room. As he does this I can feel him pushing against me, now with only one piece of fabric between us. He starts kissing down my calves and slides his hands down my legs and up to my boobs. I push myself into him and rub against his cock. He pushes back and lets my legs fall either side of him.

His hands massage my sides as he pushes them up from my waist to my boobs and kisses me so passionately that I let out another moan. He lays down beside me. His hand starts to play with my breast. Then his lips follow. His hand starts on the other breast. His lips follow. His hand strokes my stomach. His lips follow. He works his way over my body. Then down my thighs and then back up my thighs. His hand lands on my clit. I get very excited.

He comes up and kisses me on the mouth. I am disappointed. But only briefly. His fingers start working my clit. Round and round they go. As I get more excited I arch my back and push towards his fingers. He stops and starts going up and down with a finger either side. It takes me a moment to readjust to the rhythm but I'm soon getting closer and closer again. I feel like I'm going to explode and really start pushing against his fingers. It's really fast now and I can feel my thighs and bum cheeks getting wetter. I am maybe 10 seconds away from climax. I moan loudly as a finger enters me. It's a surprise but the two on the outside are still doing their job and I feel a little relief from the one inside. I pull him closer to me as I start to climax and he kisses my neck softly as I grind on his fingers.

Oh my god. That was good.

As I recover I roll over so I'm on top and pull down his boxer briefs. As it's freed his cock springs out. I was excited before but with this glistening in front of me I was ready. Definitely ready. But being a girl of manners I started to kiss his stomach and stroke his cock. I gently licked the underside from base to tip and back down several times before licking and sucking on his freshly shaved balls. I heard some pleasurable noises coming from him so I worked my way back up to the tip. I licked round and round the top a few times and he let out a grunt so I put my lips around and plunged down with my tongue caressing the underside of his cock.

The "Oh yes!" I received was motivation to start working up and down. Starting slowly I began to speed up and continued to massage his balls with my hand. I could feel his cock pulsating in my mouth and I started to taste his juices. I stopped and started licking his tip. We weren't done yet.

I wiped my mouth on my arm and started kissing my way back up his body. He rolled me over sideways and I felt his cock rubbing over my pussy as we kissed. I grabbed his bum with my hands and pulled him closer. He continued to rub against me before pulling away far enough for the head of his cock to find its way to my incredibly ready opening. He pushed inside and I let out a soft moan. He moved in and out slowly whilst caressing my body with his hands and kissing me softly. It felt so good, I could have stayed there forever.

After a while (I have no idea how long, time seemed to stand still) we rolled over and it was my turn to be on top. I rolled my hips back and forth, grinding my clit against his stomach whilst his cock was finding the spot inside. I started moaning and moving quicker and quicker. We kissed more passionately and he started kissing my neck and firmly grabbing my buttocks. He massaged them and pulled then apart as I got closer and closer to climaxing again. As I got closer I let out a squeal and my arms collapsed so my face was buried in his shoulder. I kept grinding and started to feel myself go. I put my hand down between my legs and could feel my juices running down his shaft and onto his balls.

He sat up and we were sat facing each other I was still on top of him. It felt good and we kissed whilst I rubbed my hands all over his body and firm shoulders that I had been buried into moments before. He brought his legs up and rolled forwards so he was on top of me. A smooth move, I have to admit.

His hands started to massage my bum and he slowly started moving in and out again. I was starting to feel tired but it still felt so good. I said "faster!" and he obliged. Moving more rhythmically and going deeper. As he went deeper he would pause all the way in and I could feel his cock pulsating as it was inside me. I was covered in goose pimples and my nipples were so hard. I started to rub them and that seemed to turn him on even more.

He grabbed my legs and put them up in the air together. Like when he took off my panties. I felt my pussy grip around his shaft as he slid further into me. I let out another groan as he started to slide in and out again. Not hard but there was definite intent. His cock was so smooth, in and out, in and out. He started to go faster and faster. I felt him pulsating more. He went faster. I was feeling it again and started rubbing my clit as well as my boobs. I was going to climax again. He was going so deep and fast now. And I was completely lost rubbing myself. I started to climax as he pulled out. I groaned and let out a big sigh as my legs fell down either side of him and he sprayed all over my stomach.

We laid there in our sweaty and sticky state for a good ten minutes getting our breath back before we went for a shower.

I am sooo turned on writing this, I can't help touching myself. I'm definitely looking forward to having another go...