First Time
20 Aug 2019

Lying down on the couch with my head on my wife’s lap and chatting about the good old days and a loving marriage of 32 years, I blurted out a question that took my wife totally by surprise. I asked her if she had ever thought about having sex with another man. Totally stunned by this sudden somewhat ridiculous question. She expressed an exclaimed NO, and asked why I would dare ask such a question. Well, being overweight all my life I know she had only been in bed with an overweight man and had never been with a slim, well-built, handsome well-hung gent.

I laughed and said to her, you have never lied to me, so answer me this one question truthfully. She promised she would, I sat up straight, looked her in her beautiful brown eyes and asked, “Would you like to have sex with a younger well-built man”. I could see the surprise and confusion in her eyes. I touched my finger on her quivering soft lips and reminded her that she had promised to tell the truth.

She looked at me with those sparkling eyes and bluntly said “YES” but it is A Dream, it is only a dream, her eyes never leaving my own.

Her mouth was dry and she had trouble forming the words. I leaned forward and kissed her, my tongue finding hers and slightly wetting her dry mouth. I whispered to her, I would love to make your dream come true. Before she could answer anything, I kissed her again, letting the words of her dream becoming a reality sink in. I could feel the excitement in her breath as her breathing became intense. She pulled away slightly and asked, you will do this for me, but why she whispered. I told her that I want her to have this experience and it is suggested with love.

The next day I placed an advert on a site that caters for finding sexual partners. I knew it would not be easy and that the chosen man would be needed to be scrutinized thoroughly.

I literally had hundreds of mails, pictures and requests and I started to work through them. I wanted this to be special so I needed to concentrate on gents that had the body, the looks, and was somewhat endowed.

I worked my way through all the requests until I had only 10 candidates,

I was not going to let her see these pics and kept my candidates a secret. I added the gents to my social media chat page and started to chat to them, one at a time. Three of them fell out within the first 30 minutes, they were foul mouthed and inconsiderate, crude language thinking only of fucking and doing her good. This was not what I wanted. I wanted a person that I know would fit her perfectly and be as lovable and sensual as she is. Well it took me about a week then I had enough info to make my choice. He was a true gentleman, he had a good way with words, loved the female body, big or small. He had respect and he had charm.

After quite some chatting on social media, we set a date and was ready to meet this person. I decided to take them all to dinner at a quiet restaurant to start the evening off, giving my wife a chance to withdraw if she did not feel very comfortable with him. He charmed his way into her life and she was melting like ice in the hot desert sun. The soft romantic background music had them both relaxed and talking as if they had been friends for years. His complements were soothing to her ears and she relaxed. He moved his chair closer to her. I heard her gasp and wondered why she looked so guilty and flushed. They did not even know I was there. I moved my chair back slightly and put my cell on camera, I lowered the cell below the table and what I saw made my heart bounce. He had lifted her long red skirt and slid his hand onto her inner thigh. He was sliding his hand softly over her inner thy, her legs still firmly closed. With his face close to hers, he whispered for her to open her legs slightly. She obeyed as if she had no control over what she was doing. Watching under the table with my cell phone I saw as he softly parted her willing legs, he slides his hand to her hips, taking hold of her panty and slowly started to remove it. Bit by bit not making it publicly obvious what he was doing. I gulped of pleasure seeing this man removing my wife’s panties in the restaurant and no one even noticed, or that is what I thought. My wife moved around on her chair so that she could release the panty where it was caught between her ass and the seat. She dropped her eyes for a second downwards as she realized she was now naked under her skirt, her panty on her knees. He “accidentally” dropped his napkin on the floor and bent down to pick it up. She glanced at me with a surprised smile on her beautiful face and this made me miss the part where he removed her panty completely.

He took the panty and displayed it secretly to me above the table. My wife tried to take her panty from his hand but he took the panty and put it into his top pocket. I looked at her, she looked back at me, we both turned our eyes toward him, and that is when I saw the woman in her late 30’s watching us, her wine glass on her lips as she sipped at the red wine. She smiled at me and lifted her wine glass as if to congratulate us on a well-done job. I felt my face flush. I looked away as quick as I could, ashamed of being caught. I looked up again and she had her finger slightly in her mouth, her nails and lips as red as the wine, she was beautiful. Her husband or maybe her boss who was much older than her was sitting across from her, eating away at his dinner. A Gasp bought my attention back to our table and I fumbled as I tried to get the cell camera going so that I could see what was happening under the table. My mouth became dry as I saw him with his hand on her crotch, her legs now quite wide open, her eyes closed; both her hands were on top of the table grasping at the tablecloth. She had to be still and quiet or risk drawing the attention of all the people around us. I watch as his hand rubs her clitoris and his finger slips over her vagina crack, pussy lips curling around his finger. I can see that she is wet and ready. Her hips doing ever so small circular movements on her chair. He must not let her cum because she always lets out a scream of pleasure when she climaxes. My eyes caught the woman across from us, I know she cannot see what is happening but I know that she knows exactly what is happening under that table. I notice that she has only one hand above the table the other one doing whatever it needs to be doing. She sees that I am watching her and she pulls her hand from under her table I notice her finger shining as if it is wet she runs it on the tip of her tongue, then gently sucks the fingertip obviously and openly mocking me. I feel the table ram into my tummy and look back at my wife, her whole body shaking as if it is ice cold in here, her goose bumps clearly visible on her skin, her mouth tightly clinched closed. Her eyes targeting this man sitting next to her. He had made her cum in the restaurant in front of all those people. Only four people knew that she had a foreplay session and climaxed … and the night was just beginning.

We had dinner and left the restaurant. The woman across from us was smiling the whole night, looking at us every now and then. She did not attempt to make contact so we did not either. We drove home, my wife just had to talk about what happened and she was so excited. Thanking this man for a wonderful experience. She was thinking that this was it and he would be leaving as soon as we reached home. We stopped at home and we all got out, she walked to him and gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the lips expecting him to leave.

I asked him if he would like a cup of coffee. He accepted and we all went in. when the door closed behind me I heard a commotion as I looked up he and my wife were in each other’s arms, kissing French kisses, their breath like a hard blowing wind. They started undressing each other not allowing the lips to end the kiss. Their lips tight against the other with tongues flickering tasting one another.

His shirt was off in a second and her blouse a split second later. With one hand, he undid her sexy lace bra and it dropped to the ground. Her red skirt was the only thing that kept her from being completely naked as her panty was long lost and a souvenir to a handsome hunk. She fumbled with his belt, her nervous fingers missing the latch as she tries again and fails. She no longer is the belt an issue as she rips his pants down, belt and all. Both standing naked in the lounge, she looks at him her eyes following his body from head to toes, he feasts his eyes upon my wife and I can see they both approve. She pulls him softly closer, her hands on his fully rounded butt. She gasps as her hand slides over a thin, well-built male body, something she had never felt before. Her fingers exploring his muscles her hand and palm over his strong muscled man breast. She touches his strong hard-endowed manhood and her breath races, she moves her hand slowly up and down his shaft, she pushes her belly against his six-pack ruffled tummy, and licks her lips. He pulls her even closer and reignites the hot kissing session. He moves her over to the couch and seats her down. He kisses her lips, cheeks and eyes ... down to the neck as he kneels between her legs. His tongue finds her nipple as he flickers the tip of his tongue all over her upright hard nipples, his one hand on her back as he pulls her closer to his mouth, his other hand playing softly with her other breast. He massages her boobs with passion and love proving he has respect for a woman’s body. With both hands on her soft sexy boobs, his mouth leaves a wet trail over her tummy as he moves down to her sweet honey pot. Her back archers as she realizes what is going to happen. Her hands move down to his head and her fingers glide through this hair hoping that his tongue finds her hard clitoris. Her hips push forward pleading for his mouth to make contact. Her breath short a fast, I watch from a distance. I enjoy seeing her begging for his mouth on her wet pussy. His hands slip between her buttocks and the couch as he pulls her into position as he plunges his face into her crouch a cry of pure delight passes from her lips. He kisses her inside thighs and then again eats the sweet honey that only a woman can give. Two of his fingers slip into her wet slimy pussy and he searches for her G-spot. His fingers find the rough circular spot and he applies a little pressure while massaging her inside, her clitoris sensitive and still in his mouth. She feels she is nearing a climax and knows it is time to stop. She pulls him into a kneeling position and helps him stand up... She gestures for him to sit next to her, he sits down on the couch and she throws her legs over him and straddles him. This is the first time in her life that she is able to do this position. He takes his hard pleasure shaft and guides it into her wet warm pussy she grunts of pleasure. A completely new feeling never experienced before. He puts his mouth on her nipples and sucks them, nibbling softly then sucking again.

Her breasts slam into his face as she bobs up and down moaning pleasure at every bounce. She enjoys the feeling of a huge cock deep inside her and will not stop the motion, going ever faster and harder, she draws him deep into her as much as she can. She does not stop as he warns her that he is about to cum. She makes no effort to stop and squeals as she feels his big hard cock start throbbing and squirting gushers of hot white cum into her pussy. She goes on riding him as he asks her to stop, but she will not, she is too near to her second climax and she wants to feel him deep inside her as she reaches her climax. Letting out her feelings she moans as she cums her throbbing and contracting pussy clamps around his thick semi hard cock. He feels her climax around his cock. She does not move for at least 5 minutes, cuddling this fine man in her arms. His cum seeping out between her vagina walls and his shaft. Her hands find his juices and she feels his semen and holds it close to her pussy, rubbing it around her vagina. When she finally gets off, she plants a soft wet kiss on his lips then she wanders away to take a shower as she passes me she bends over and whispers in my ear … A Dream, it is only a dream until it comes true.

He is waiting for his chance in the shower while he waits his turn he praises my wife, I then asked him if he was at least satisfied, he replies … If I am allowed then I will be back as this lady is a stunning girl and a pleasure to be with.

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