Written by Anon

24 Feb 2018

As she stood there, her lingerie hugging her curves as if they were purpose made to make every man horny beyond. Her heels making her calves show their shape, her legs smooth shaved, the slight camel toe showing slightly, as she walked closer, her breasts firm and perky as a 20yr old model, yet here she was in her 40s, clearly lived a life where she took meticulous care of herself. A soft spoken voice, where you can hear her wishes, asking politely to help unclip her bra, click , the bra springs open , yet her firm breasts still in the shape showing her perfect nipples now hard and tight, like a yelly tot wanting to be nibbled.

Running my hands down her body now , I feel her skin soft yet firm, and a hint of goose bumps as my hamds reach her hips ... pulling her hips closer as thy reach there, she moans softly, a moan begging me to devour her body in an appetite of a ravenous lion eating its prey.

My fingers now hook inside her skimpy lace panties, I drop to my knees dragging her panties down as I drop , all the while feeling her smooth legs as I move my hands down, I guide her to sit back onto the bed now, and take her one ankle and place her leg onto my shoulder while she moves her other leg apart, her smooth evenly lipped sexy tight pussy awaits, I touch her lips on her pussy , gently feeling as my finger parts the lips I notice the slippery soft warm juices. Feeling my on body starting to alter and grow hard , my cock begining to throb at the thought of this beautifull moist tight pussy on the tip of my tongue.

My tongue quivering , but flicking slowly over her lips and toixhing her clit softly at first as my fingers now spreading her lips and leaving her clit exposed and glistening in the light of the room. Her hands hlnow grabbing the sheet above her head as my tongue performs orgasmic magic of flicking her joy button . Her clit throbs from excitement justvas much as my hard throbbing cock. Looking up at her body as my tongue tickles , I wonder how its possible to have nipples get so hard, the goose bumps now clearly visible every where, her small soft moans now becoming a deeper grunt with each flick of my tongue, her hips trying hard to thrust her clit into my mouth to suck on hard.

I hear how she licks her lips, clearly her mouth is dry , a sign she might want to taste something sweet. Quietly I pull back , removing her leg from behind my shoulder , she doesnt waste one second , her body now in an instant sitting upright facing me , her hands grasping at my belt, frantically tearing at my pants , and out pops my throbbing shaft, my head swollen as she grips my cock in one hand, a small wry smile as she looks up at me, then her mouth opens and omf, takes my cock in one giant deep throat movement, a frenzy of sucking and moving up and down my cock, her tongue swirling on my tip , her lips wrapped tight around my shaft , the sound of her sucking is deafening in an all silent room. Her other hand now ony ass pulling my hips to her mouth as she sucks fast haed and firmly, pulling back my cock pops out her mouth, the similar sound of a loud popping of a cork as she does. The first time she now speaks in a forcefull louder voice "fuck me hard now, and dont be woes, I want you to punish my wet tight pussy now with that throbbing cock of yours"